How hard is the test? We are in an institution that aims to bring out the best out of every child that enters our classrooms. For general questions call: Take your time on the exam and think through the answers. While I only scored proficient, proficient is still passing, and I did it in one try. ABCTE program completion requires a high degree of maturity and self-motivation on the part of the candidate. Wonderful, but utterly consuming.

The objector’s words initially raised my eyebrows, but when I realized he hadn’t even followed the instructions, the power of his objection faded quickly. If you would like to discuss your situation further, please feel free to call me at But my complaint is that when I was preparing for the essay, I was told to “write like a fifth grader, ” dumb down my sentence length, and above all, avoid misspelling words. They just hide the profits. Eliminate the two weakest and concentrate on the two good answers. Believe me most of the material is way older than 6th grade. Write a memo to your fellow teachers describing strategies for cultivating a positive classroom environment.

Passed the PTK Multiple Choice and Essay 1st try | ABCTE

I took the ELA exam in early August, a month earlier than I’d planned, and though I would have liked to have scored better on the written portion of the exam, I did pass it as well as passing the multiple choice exam with distinction. Writing Prompt Lesson planning is an essential component of effective teaching.

The idea that the coursework is minimal and the exams are easy is insulting. Very fssay studying has gotten done; the job is Again, I’m sorry to hear that you did not pass.


I am in the process of forcing myself to make time to study, though, and plan to tackle the PTK exam in February or March, leaving myself enough time to repeat it, if I need to, before my time runs out in May. I witnessed a man with a PHD being removed from a testing center screaming, “nothing I studied is on this test”. Is it a scam, probably not.

The reason for taking the test early was that our school called three weeks before August classes began and asked me to take on a full-time position for the year on a temporary teaching certificate. Oh, boy, was I right.

Passed the PTK Multiple Choice and Essay 1st try

On March 8th, mhasan says:. Amy, I took the PTK exam today and passed. I reported an issue 6 days ago. ABCTE program completion requires a high degree of maturity and self-motivation on the part of the candidate. If anyone is examlpes taking the ABCTE route, or taking required college classes, take the classes.

PTK Writing Sample 4-B | ABCTE

Notify me of new comments via email. Well, apparently the proctor isn’t allowed to stop the test in review mode.

abcte essay examples

Another reason why lesson plans are useful is that they ensure correct use of alloted time for the subject. A carefully designed lesson plan defines success in the classroom.

This is the part that concerns me most, and seeing what is expected is a great help. Not much has been mentioned about esswy PTK exam.

PTK Writing Sample 4-B

Abbcte learned this the hard way. They are a not for profit but that doesn’t mean they don’t have incentives to generate as much revenue as possible. The people with whom I’ve had contact also seem to want to be of genuine help and are very kind and courteous.


abcte essay examples

They now have so many resources available on the essay plus a forum where everyone walks you through exactly what to do to pass the edamples that failing should not happen. Believe me most of the material is way older than 6th grade.

abcte essay examples

Once you enroll, and they have your money, good luck talking to anyone. I’m already planning my future classroom and making lesson plans. The test creators claim that errors will be considered based on the level that they distract from the message.

However, ABCTE provides detailed written instructions as well as an in-depth video production describing exactly how the essay is supposed to be written. It is a great organization and I feel much better prepared to teach having successfully passed their rigorous program. I would read the online forums and gain info from there. To be honest, all of this preparation only took a month, and that was on top of working full-time and raising three children.

There were also several questions on what is the highest order of thinking questions in other categories such as science and math.

Here are some additional, practice writing prompts and exercises to help you prepare for your PTK exam essay:

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