Part A is made up of multiple-choice questions MCQs that must be answered in 2 hours. Once you have decided on your answer, match it with the best choice provided. I would also advise you to brush up on your punctuation. Are there any special computer requirements? This computer-based exam is three and a half hours in length and consists of a two and a half hour, question multiple-choice section, followed by a one hour essay section. Yes, you can log in from any device to access and use the course.

Where do I start studying? Syllabus Quiz on All 40 Topics. Getting Prepared to Study. Owning the law and ethics textbooks is also strongly recommended, as I refer to them in the course constantly. Respond using the long answer question APA style. This proven method of teaching produces much higher information retention rates compared to the exam writer who tries to self-study the material. It is an 8-step, self-study course, which means you can go through at your own pace.

A later question may help you remember the correct answer for the one you were stuck on. Printing will be much more legible for the reviewer who will be grading your essay. This course refers to them constantly and helps you to understand concepts, terms, and definitions. Law for Professional Practice ppw All 14 sub-topics covered V.

Part A is made up of multiple-choice questions MCQs that must be answered in 2 hours. It is a lot more work, but in the end, ope the aspiring professional receive a much better learning experience.


Essay topics questions from apegbc ppe

Ethics – All 4 sub-topics covered III. This article is courtesy of Gavin Simone, P. With 4 months of access, you can use it for the full duration or as a last minute study aid. Yes, email cheat sheet. Edit this document View document history.

BC PPE Exam Online Prep Course | 3 Hours of Instruction | Questions

If you are still not successful after 3 tries, you will be forced to wait 12 months until you can try a qusetions time.

Technicians, Technologists, Geoscientists and Architects write similar exams pertaining to law and ethics. Learn the key law, ethics and professional practice concepts through embedded flash cards, apefbc checklists, exam simulation and much more. I’ve worked in the construction industry for 9 years and have been published in several magazines, including Construction Canada Magazine.

As mentioned in the table above, our Customer Reviews are publically available on Google Local and our Facebook page while the competitors are still relying on unverified reviews like “really liked the course” – Nancy H.

What am I going to learn from this course? You need 6 out of to pass this part.


Practice and study only what will be tested on. You’ll also want to ensure that you have registered for the exam and purchased the law and ethics textbooks. That works out to 72 seconds per question.

There is over minutes of pure NPPE content to speed up your learning. I’ll cover each of the 40 sub-topics; one slide per sub-topic. Your results will come in weeks. Before the changes, there were multiple choice questions MCQs but the new computer-based format will now feature Practice and Ethics, professional geophysicistflashcards, professional geoscientist, please note that registering for the Professional Practice Exam will not automatically register you for the. Luckily, we are independent of EGBC and we have developed our own practice questions based on the exam scope and syllabus.


apegbc ppe essay questions

You are typically given 3 essay topics but you only need to select one to write about. Part B is a demanding 1 hour essay question where you will have to respond to a situation by supporting your position with sound judgement. The new format is now 3. The NPPE itself consists of multiple choice questions; in BC there is multiple choice questions plus an essay question; in Ontario there is 4 law questions and 4 ethics questions with a mix of short and long answer questions.

Passing your PPE qurstions with an understanding of the content, good writing skills and proper preparation.

apegbc ppe essay questions

Since this is a timed exam, if you get stumped on a question, just put a star beside it and move on to the next one. Professional Practice – All 10 sub-topics covered IV.

What do I need to study.

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