If you have gotten a spot, you can now prepare your application documents for your company. Explanations why you think you are a good candidate for this specific offer refer to the job description and the requirements on the O-Form and put them into relation with courses you have taken or practical experience you have. The next step is to apply with the employer. This conference will determine which internship positions Stuttgart as a Local Group actually gets. You will get an email containing all internship positions for Germany about

Also you have to be younger than 30 years old and successfully completed the second semester of bachelor. Besides, you’re not supposed to be more than 30 years old. Now the spots are distributed to each local committee at the national conference. About the letter of motivation: List of previous practical training indicating the type of activity, period, name and registered office of the company, only where relevant Passport copy – easy to read, Attention: If you want to accept the position, you must now make a binding commitment and prepare your application documents. In case of a confirmation from your employer you now contact them and the local committee abroad, to further clear any open questions:

Application – IAESTE Switzerland

The content and also your creativity count. Travel expense allowance Under certain conditions you can apply for a travel allowance with the DAAD. Until February – Prioritization of the positions for Germany. This step is important so that we can determine, which of the applicants fit to our program and applicatkon kind of positions they are looking for. If successful, a direct application for an internship spot.


Application Process – IAESTE LC Ireland

These are for them to get to know you. Temporal Sequence November – Pre-application.

At the end of March you have to kaeste in all your application documents to us. February – Spots are handed out. The documents must be available abroad by 31 March.

application letter iaeste

If there was no place for you, you still have a ieaste in the post-exchange. Ideally, you should send an official English transcript from your university if this is not possible, create your own list. If you have gotten a spot, you can now prepare your application documents for your company.

application letter iaeste

There are still some spots that are leftover. It is also possible to upload a letter of motivation. Reference to the job description O-Form and the information you have or have found lettdr the www about the company. Ideally you have completed at least 2 semesters in order to be able to work adequately in the company.

The letter of motivation should express why you want to do an internship abroad and why you want to do it with IAESTE.

If you want to accept the position, you must now make a binding commitment and prepare your application documents. Employers are demanding and you should sit down and take some time to write and create applicatlon good application: List of subjects studied.


application letter iaeste

By submitting the pre-application online, you apply for participation in the internship exchange with IAESTE without obligation and independent of a specific position. After the internship – Internship report. Please book iaexte flight only after you have been accepted for the internship and received the acceptance papers.

Application Process

February – Prioritization of the postions for Stuttgart. Individual requirements oetter languages and field of study are set applicatioh the employer. The following documents must be submitted: Each LC tries to get the best spots for their applicants. This will help us to assess what kind of positions are needed. Check for open positions. The German Local Groups usually get around internship positions combined. You will get your deposit back if you return it in time. After you have finished your internship, you make a short report for us and fill out our trainee report form.

In every country the study programs are slightly different.

Computer skills if possible, explain how you acquired these skills — and on which level you master them. About the letter of motivation:

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