Our education is strongly rooted in business practice and society. The faculty organizes several international projects, maintains an extensive international network and connects international students and researchers through its education and research. Admission requirements If you have any questions concerning admission, please contact our Admissions Office: Multinationals are introducing new products to the global market or want to open a factory abroad. Wanneer ik mijn diploma heb gehaald lijkt het me fantastisch om een baan binnen een bedrijf te vinden waar ik werkzaamheden met betrekking tot verandermanagement kan uitvoeren.

Applications are evaluated on a continuous basis. Groningen offers you the perfect opportunity to combine engineering with business aspects. In this way, you will be able to combine technical solutions with entrepreneurial skills. I live and work in Beijing, studying Mandarin. An internship is currently integrated in the Master’s degree of IEM.

Dit symposium wordt georganiseerd voor verzorgenden, verpleegkundige You will be taught a wider range of perspectives than ‘just’ economics or IT in organisations. The theeis is about business theories as well as organisations and their settings.

It is the intellectual understanding and their sensitivity to differences in perceptions and approaches that equips international business students to correctly analyse situations and to determine effective responses. A graduate in industrial bachellr and management is at home in organizations that focus on innovation. Huidige functie en bedrijf Als student-assistent ben ik naast mijn bedrijfskunre werkzaam voor de Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen.


I live and work in Beijing, studying Mandarin. You do not have to wait until the application deadline to apply.

International Business

Sla navigatie over Navigatie. My role typically includes facilitating client sessions, doing data analysis and making client documentation.

This programme is suited for people with a broad interest in conducting business and managing organisations. Ask Your Question Here Please fill in this contact form. More information on admission and selection procedure: More information concerning these possibilities for exchange students can be found on the faculty’s website International Mobility Office: There is an online questionnaire.

Radboud University has a unique teaching philosophy that differs from other universities in the Netherlands and in other countries. My study programme is fun and challenging. Our educational programmes are closely linked to scientific research.

Sections of this page. Er worden praktische tips en adviezen gegeven om het contact met roze ouderen in alle facetten van bedrijfskumde zorg- en hulpverlening te verbeteren.

bachelor thesis ru bedrijfskunde

International Business students have to hit the ground running. Ik ben bezig met een afstudeerstage waarbij mijn onderzoek ingaat op de implementatie van Het Nieuwe Werken binnen Rabobank Rijk van Nijmegen. Introduction and Collection of Qualitative Data.

Specific requirements More information language test Een voldoende befrijfskunde je vwo-Engels is aan te bevelen omdat de opleiding Engelstalig is. Consultant or advisor at Capgemini Human resource director at Ahold Marketing or communication advisor at Unilever Productmanager at Kirkman Company Business analyst at a retail company Entrepreneur.


Virtually all of our graduates find jobs immediately after graduating. This means that you will earn an internationally recognized degree when you complete your programme at Radboud University.

Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration – Radboud University

You can work in export, marketing or sales for example. Linking education to research and career preparation Our education is strongly rooted in business practice and society. He also facilitated for MA students to study abroad at his home institute.

bachelor thesis ru bedrijfskunde

This approach makes the programme properly international and differentiates IB from other programmes in the field. I established an internet business and ruu an intern ship at Siemens Wind Power in Shanghai, which grants me access to a challenging career in the energy or consultancy sector. Terug naar navigatie Navigatie. Een coming-out is voor LHBT lesbische, homoseksuele, biseksuele en transgender ouderen vaak een hoge drempel.

Als student-assistent ben ik naast mijn studie werkzaam voor de Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen.

In Nijmegen staan de mensen in de organisatie heel erg centraal. I decided to attend two MSc programmes:

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