Stethoscopes are available to buy during Faculty induction. Well hopefully it isn’t! Do you already have an account? This is aided by you being in a relatively small group setting and a supportive learning environment. Hey your results arn’t bad at all! Just wanted to outline the importance of getting the grades.

Some of my most frequently asked questions about interviews. Already overheard one current BM5 telling a prospective student and her parents that BM6 was for special people. If it is conditional and you send in your certificates, they may not update your status until August Results Day. Mosby Elsevier ; Coggon D. In Year 4 you will extend your clinical experience through placements in a range of clinical specialities in hospitals and community settings. Ask anyone who can read your personal statement and a list of potential questions!

Basic concepts of microbiology, pathology and pharmacology maybe introduced where appropriate to facilitate your understanding.

Where can I practice? A minimum of five GCSEs personak grade C, including English language, maths, and either biology and chemistry, or additional science and science.

bm6 personal statement

As well as academic criteria we also want to see evidence of non-academic criteria. Remember that while medicine is an art and a science, until you are practicing it as a doctor, it is simply science.

In your final year, you will consolidate your learning in the core specialities of Medicine, Surgery and Primary Care and will also have the opportunity to choose a student selected unit in a clinical area of your choice.

What will I graduate with? THIS is how I prepared and is a good place to start. You will also explore the principles and applications to the human body of acid base balance, pH, dissociation constants, buffers and redox reactions. Are self-motivated and resilient Have reflected on and learnt from life experiences this may include, work experience, paid employment and personal experiences both in and outside health and socialcare settings Can communicate effectively Are able to interact successfully with others Can demonstrate an understanding of the values of the NHS constitution UK Clinical Aptitude Test UKCAT All applicants to the BMBS programmes are required to take the UKCAT in the summer prior to making an application.


A PS is not something you can do in a day or a week.

Best of luck to you too, although you will be fine! Ask anyone who can read your personal statement and a list of potential questions!


Applicants who apply but are under 18 at the start of the programme will be considered for a deferred place or advised to reapply as appropriate. You would be expected to pay for the costs of any statemet and travel associated with the conference if you chose to attend. Who are the interviewers?

bm6 personal statement

Check on the website if this is out of date next year. These statemfnt lecturers, doctors, teachers, admissions staff. My grades BBB are A levels. We are committed to ensuring that all students with the potential to succeed, regardless of their background, are encouraged to apply to study with us.

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You may offer qualifications which are equivalent to GCSE. Volunteering — This comes next and again should form a large paragraph.


But to be honest, just enjoy it. Especially now the new BM6ers have their grades and offers etc.

BM6 – Southampton Uni

No specific make or model is required. There will also be further costs for the following, not purchasable from the University:. Students undertake a variety of assessments throughout the programmes – methods include in-course assignments; multiple choice papers; one-best answer papers; problem solving and short notes papers; spotters; clinical attachment assessments plus clinical examinations including Assessments of Clinical Competence ACC and OSCEs Objective Structured Clinical Examinations.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Any applicants invited for interview will be expected to attend on the given date. But to be honest, just enjoy it. As a medical student, you will be able to take advantage of opportunities for multi-professional learning, which will be essential as you prepare to join the healthcare teams of the future. Otherwise the rest will vary enormously from person to person depending on what they say and what is in the PS.

Year 1 and 2: Students may also syatement the opportunity to apply to suspend their studies to take an intercalated degree at another institution between the third and fourth year. Your statement should reflect this.

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