Yin and Moore note that these complex and multivariate cases can be explained by three rival theories: The assessment was problematic however, as the majority of papers identified had been published in an era when diligent approaches to case study research and reporting such as ethics approval were often not applied. Deploying a Pilot Case Study. In common with qualitative research approaches such as ethnography, an emphasis on studying phenomena in its natural context means case study design incorporates the perspectives of participants who may come from vulnerable and voiceless groups in society [ 26 ]. Conclusions While the quality of case study research that explores Clubhouses has been variable in the past, if applied in a diligent manner, case study design has a valuable contribution to make in future Clubhouse research.

A case for the case study. If this fails there is the possibility that the description lacks rigour and that problems may occur during the project. Issues Ment Health Nurs. With this in mind, a collaborative approach should be planned, actioned and reflected upon when conducting any Clubhouse case study. A ten question, three point scale was used to assess for validity, results and relevance. According to Yin, this is often at the expense of detailed accounts of research design procedures such as ethics, data collection and analytic procedures. The comprehension strategies of second language readers.

For example, a study may seek to explain why work seems to be important to the rehabilitation of people with mental illness at three different Clubhouses located across a variety of cultural contexts [ 16 ].

case study as a research method zaidah

Case study as a research method Z Zainal Jurnal Kemanusiaan 5 1 Email address for updates. How to commit the naturalistic fallacy and get away with it in the study of moral development. Grounds for establishing reliability and generality are also subjected to scepticism when a small sampling rewearch deployed.

Contributor Information Toby Raeburn, Email: The following articles are merged in Scholar. Although case studies have various advantages, in that they present data of real-life situations and they provide better insights into the detailed behaviours of the subjects of interest, they are also criticised for their inability to generalise their results.


Some longitudinal studies of individual subjects, for instance, rely on qualitative data from journal writings which give descriptive accounts of behaviour.

Case Study As a Research Method&nbspCase Study

Developing a strong evidence base is crucial however, and within fields of mental health research there is robust debate regarding the merits and weaknesses of the different research paradigms [ 44 ]. Regardless of what approach is taken, consumers must be positioned at the centre of any mental health research—and genuine consultation with stakeholders is essential, including respectful processes, as well as ethical behaviours and practices, to ensure that research contributes to the nature, quality and the validity of the data gained [ 46 ].

It also explores on the advantages and disadvantages of case study as a research method. In a collective case study, the researcher coordinates data from several different sources, such as schools or individuals.

An investigation into the effects of discipline-specific knowledge, proficiency and genre on reading comprehension and strategies of Malaysia ESP Students Z Zainal Unpublished Ph. Acknowledgements There was no funding source and there are nil applicable funding or acknowledgements for this discussion paper outside of the authors contributions.

Health promotion in clubhouse programs: The paper begins by providing a brief explanation of the Clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation, and the need for ongoing evaluation of the services delivered.

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case study as a research method zaidah

A further consideration is promoting quality mental health research. CASP posits there are three broad issues that should be considered when appraising qualitative research, these are. In another example, a researcher conducting a case study may examine the reading processes of only one subject over a period of time.


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In addition, the development of causal explanations has long been a serious concern of historians, reflected by the subfield aas as historiography. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Despite these criticisms, researchers continue to deploy the case study method particularly in studies of real-life situations governing social issues and problems.

For Stake [ 19 ], case study design is focused on the exploration of a case and refining or revealing related concepts.

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These include the design and categories of case studies and how their robustness can reseafch achieved. Despite this, the results did provide useful information regarding the use of case study design in Clubhouse research, including the advantages and disadvantages.

Introduction to Case Study. Alternatively, multiple-case design may work well in situations where there are several similar cases that can provide pathways for replication and comparison [ 39 ]. Bergen A, While A.

case study as a research method zaidah

This could then potentially enable generalisation of findings to the Clubhouse model as a whole. Directly observed therapy and tuberculosis: By replicating the case through pattern-matching, a technique linking several pieces of zaivah from the same case to some theoretical proposition Campbell,multiple-case design enhances and supports the previous results. This paper provides an overview of the usefulness of case study designs for Clubhouse researchers; and suggests ways in which the evaluation of Clubhouse models can rwsearch facilitated.

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