Therefore, they can be easily transferred from one language to another. The main part of the paper is the results, which focus on her proficiency in English and the sociolinguistic background of her language acquisition. A kak to da ste odabrali Australiju? The reason for this may be that it is not used as often in Croatian. One of the reasons was that she did not want other people to think she was showing off. A jel mislite da je bolje kad neko govori standardnim jezikom ili dijalektom? Transfers and Sociolinguistic Results

Almost 25 per cent of current population of Australia was not born on its territory, and the number keeps increasing. Remember me on this computer. I govori i razumije. It was evident that the respondent supports a dual stance on the ideology of development. She is aware that her production in English is not native-like. This was several years after she came to Australia.

A stated by the respondent, it is not unusual to come across Croatian Australians who do not speak the Croatian language. The interview is carried out according to specific guidelines, for example it should be one to two hours long, xtudy researcher should let the interviewee lead the conversation and elicit attitudes, as well as data on language use. This situation is common among the poswo spouses and it has been documented before.

I conducted a semi-structured individual sociolinguistic interview, such as the ones which were used by Labov.

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Al opsao da se djelimo, tamo smo svi isti. Jako puno, jako puno. Ja ne velim da nema. For example, Block84 names four reasons women might fail to acquire the new language, and two of them can be traced in this interview.


A ne samo nas.

Transfers and Sociolinguistic Results The respondent started acquiring English only when she arrived in Australia. The word is specific to Australia and the concept to societies with many recent immigrants, therefore it nz somewhat culture-specific.

case study na razgovoru za posao

She is quite aware of the varieties of the Croatian language, which she considers to be a valuable aspect of the Australian Croatian community.

Colic-Peisker56 This could be explained by ba age of the immigrants. The children are taught the Croatian language razgovoeu culture, some history and geography.

Meni se to nije nikada dogodilo. ClyneThere are multiple reasons for code-switching and some of them are: One of the reasons for this transfer might be the fact that the house was the subject of the conversation, and the Muslims were the new information, which usually comes at the end of the sentence.

case study na razgovoru za posao

Therefore, the newcomers are to assimilate into the majority community by adopting their culture and the language or the dialect they speak Tollefson and Yamagami When she asked him why he was doing it, he said that she was a very hard worker and that he had enough time to teach her because she worked very fast.

Immigrants very often mix their two or rzzgovoru languages, which is a phenomenon referred to as code-switching. He also said that it was very difficult for him to learn English when he first came to Australia and that he wanted to make it easier for her. Still, we should aim for the highest quality recordings as possible in order, possibly someday, to make the recordings available for other researchers.

They took up a job as soon as they were able to and started dressing and acting similarly to others in Australia. Then I pinpointed the topics she mentioned that I az to explore further.


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When the response to my question was negative, she used the English variant of the negation, although the interview was conducted in Croatian. Some people emigrated because they were afraid they would be prosecuted for example, the leaders of the Ustasha organization and other high-ranking officials of the Independent State of Croatiasome because they were being persecuted leaders of democratic parties in Croatia and some because they did not want to live in a communist society Goldstein The word fiber in the sense of material used for building houses is used as a starting point for deriving a Croatian adjective, completely adapted to the Croatian language, morphologically and phonologically.

This view is also present in the next quote: Its Structure and Use. She is obviously aware that her English is not native-like, but is happy that she can to communicate in it.

An Introduction to Discourse Analysis: Can you help me? Rzzgovoru from Croatian—English code- switching. Theoretical Framework An essential characteristic of language is variation.

Labov30 Before we start the interview, we need to come up with modules or groups of questions about a particular topic.

case study na razgovoru za posao

Many of them decided to return to Croatia in their old age, or they lived bi-locally, a part of the year in Croatia and a part in Australia Colic-Peisker Ima ih koji govore, ima ih.

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