Posted by Unknown at 3: For one moment I knew that I had seen our true need; and I was afraid that I should forget it and that I should start schemes of education, when the need was deeper than education. In other projects Wikiquote Wikisource. His paternal grandmother, Maria Weston Chapman , was one of the leading campaigners against slavery and worked with William Lloyd Garrison on The Liberator. He was opposed to the Tammany Hall political and business grouping, which at that time dominated New York City. Reading for comprehension comes from reading a lot and thinking about what you read. What narrative voice is used?

What narrative voice is used? He was educated at St. Another rhetorical device he used was imagery. The narrative voice employed will affect the distance the reader feels from what’s going on. The opposite of hate is love, the opposite of cold is heat; what we need is the love of God and reverence for human nature. For to look at the agony of a fellow-being and remain aloof means death in the heart of the onlooker.

John Jay Chapman does a flawless job of taking a single event the Coatesville lynching in and showing his audience the bigger picture to hopefully help ciatesville correct the error of their ways. It was really important to him to share that slavery makes all parties involved cruel and that it continued years after it was gone.

Her grandson inherited her crusading spirit, but substituted the influence summary money in politics for slavery. For what we saw was death.

John Jay Chapman

Does the author ever use “I”? And it seemed to be in my county. On the next morning the newspapers spread the news and spread the paralysis until the whole country seemed to be helplessly watching this awful murder, as awful as anything ever done on this earth; and the whole of our people seemed to be looking on helplessly, not able to respond, not knowing what to do next.


If so, then it is about the horrific murder of a black man in Coatesville, PA in the early part of the last century.

He wrote several long sentences that ultimately showed he was ranting. His work is marked by originality and felicity of expression, and the opinion of many critics has placed him in the front rank of the American essayists of his day.

coatesville essay summary

The opposite of hate is love, the opposite of cold is heat; what we need is the love of God and reverence for human nature. I have felt the impulse today to testify to this truth. He was educated at St. There is no country in Europe where the Coatesville tragedy or anything remotely like it could have been enacted, probably no country in the world.

coatesville essay summary

Are we in the victim’s head? Religious fanaticism has sometimes lifted men to the frenzy of such cruelty, political passion has sometimes done it, personal hatred might do it, the excitement of cowtesville ampitheater in the degenerate days of Roman luxury could do it.

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The Americans still treated them the same way as when they were slaves, and Chapman saw no use for this kind of behavior. When describing the scene of the man’s burning, he used specific details that drew the reader into the essay.

What narrative voice is used? Less than fifty years ago domestic slavery was abolished among us; and in one way or another the marks of that vice are in our faces.

What form does the author use to shape his exposition and argument? Tone on the page is like tone of voice when you’re speaking. His essay was for everyone summxry America because he believed they were coztesville at fault for the man’s burning.

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The best textual evidence is a combination of the two; in other words, the summary better explains the reason you chose a particular quote. Or is it all “third person”? Hypotaxis makes for a smoothmore complex and often hard to understand vibe.


Paratactic sentences are short like this one. And I am here today chiefly that I may remember that vision. Reading for comprehension comes from reading a lot and thinking about what you read.

It helped to establish the writer’s argument and provide countless evidence for it.

coatesville essay summary

However, a few general tips can likely assist you: The trouble has come down to us out of ccoatesville past. This page was last edited on 16 Marchat When I read in the newspapers of August 14, a year ago, about the burning alive of a coatesvill being, and of how a few desperate, fiend-minded men had been permitted to torture a man chained to an iron bedstead, burning alive, thrust back by pitchforks when he struggled out of it, coatesvillf around about stood hundreds of well-dressed American citizens, both from the vicinity and from afar, coming on foot and in wagons, assembling on telephone call, as if by magic, silent, whether from terror or indifference, fascinated and impotent, hundreds of persons watching this awful sight and making no attempt to stay the wickedness, and no one man among them all who was inspired to risk his life in an attempt to stop coatesivlle, no one man to name the name of Christ, of humanity, of government!

Whatever life itself is, that thing must be replenished in us. How long is the essay?

The black man was chained to an iron bed and “thrust back by pitchforks when he struggled out of it.

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