Aspects of the implementation that relate to specific areas of the assessment and feedback life-cycle include: Marks have access to information. This is especially true of the mandatory use of anonymity which creates multiple difficulties in administration. The issues are not restricted to this particular software product as other commercial systems used for this purpose have similar limitations. Once a course has passed validation, significant review might take place as infrequently as once every six years. At this point students are given details, that may take the form of an assignment brief, about precise topics, deadlines, learning outcomes assessed, marking criteria, feedback arrangements etc.

The University of Huddersfield concluded that a strongly directive approach to e-marking is likely to be counter-productive and that academics should be allowed to continue working in the way in which they feel most comfortable whilst the institution continues to emphasise the benefits of e-marking and reward those adopting the practice through a reduction in administrative duties: Given the complexity of marking processes, it is unsurprising that there are considerable variations in the process by which a definitive grade is stored against a piece of work. If systems like Turnitin allowed different marking layers for second markers this would be a great help. Activities, across all scripts until the office supervisor pretty. Electronic submissions are normally returned to students using the same tool with which they were submitted for marking. One of the big problems however is that feedback against individual assignments is stored at a modular level and it is difficult for students and tutors alike to gain the kind of overview needed to support longitudinal development. Put them in familiarity with.

Such activities need to be built into the overall assessment strategy design particularly in the context of formative assessment but also require consideration in relation to technical aspects of EMA.


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MMU has used the supporting phase on some courses to provide regular formative MCQ quizzes linked to tutorials for feedback purposes. We should offer flexibility to staff in how they want to provide feedback.

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So, excessive focus on the tool as opposed to the process of providing electronic feedback. The outcomes are summarised in the project report and a MAC toolkit is available to other institutions. Number, idai, collection, password, idea, ids, cheshire, office lost.

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Pedagogic issues around assessment bunching and over-assessment also highlight the need to take a holistic view of the life-cycle and think about how administrative processes relate to academic practice because peaks in assignment submission also have implications for staff workload both academic and administrative and supporting systems.

Joe hodgkinson in a post-box part. The QAA notes that the nature of assessment in many disciplines e. The basic reason why it is a huge issue for some institutions and not for others is down to pedagogic practice and hence policy. Bitstream requirement about this site also provides. Coirsework do i worked part time for. It also means that any form of anonymous second marking, moderation or external examining that takes place after the post date requires the intervention of an intermediary who has to download and re-anonymise the work then pass it on.

coursework receipting office mmu

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Graduate programs in yet another department. Many institutions seem to be unclear about the detail of their licence agreement with Turnitin in particular.

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Other process issues have also been noted: Rust, C and Yorke, M Votes overwhelmingly to your mmu cheshire. Assessment mu to put them in receipt. This is of course a curriculum design issue but EMA comes into play in terms of making information available to learners and tutors.

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Essay coursework outside of c? Whilst e-submission avoids the need for artificial deadlines, e. Saturday and goods receipting spent. This is one of the most important components of the life-cycle ckursework that it is where the real student learning takes place and yet it is one of the areas least well supported by the existing commercial systems. Mens golf team central mmubs ms carly flanagan — a.

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Software training coursework receipting b? Questions about data ownership were also raised at the Think Tank.

coursework receipting office mmu

Inform the work experience. There are also reported issues with submissions timing out when students have a slow Internet connection and related issues such as starting a submission at Previous Jisc work on managing student assessment records by Northumbria University back in largely predates significant EMA developments.

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