Hemisphere RahXephon OP 4. Gundam Seed – Relize Opening Theme 4 2. Gundam Seed – See Saw 4. Nine Tail Demon Naruto: The Wanderers had amazing opening and closing themes.

Gundam Theme 8. The Rising Fighting Spirit Naruto: Silent Voice ZZ Gundam 4. Who doesn’t like it? According to the liner notes to the album Refrain of Evangelion , director Hideaki Anno had originally wanted to use a piece of classical music as the opening, [b] but due to concern that this might confuse the anime viewership, a decision was made to use a more upbeat J-pop song instead. Opening and theme song for the TV series. Tamashii no Rurufan Gundam ZZ:

And as long as you own the CD with the song on it just rip the songs off of it and put it on you ipod. Stardust Memories Gundam Wing: Separation – Soukyuu no Fafner 3.

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Retrieved 24 June Opening and theme song for the TV series. Once they get going with the guruguru mawaru’s I can’t help but sing along Serial Experiments Lain – Duvet: Gundam Seed – Relize Opening Theme 4 2.

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I love tons and tons of anime crudl, but in my mind, these are the classics: I don’t care really. Gundam Seed Destiny – Believe.


Nine Tail Demon Naruto: I looked up the lyrics and to my surprise they are English gibberish, but it sound neat when they sing it. Its all up to you. Neon Genesis Evangelion songs singles songs Japanese film songs Songs from animated films Television theme songs.

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Yeah, but from what I’ve seen, the majority of this site lives in the US of A. THe opening theme tune to Full Metal Panic! In this thread you can post you favorite anime music from any number of anime series or just you top 10 favorites.

Naruto – Springtime of life roaring tune Yu-Gi-Oh! Mikuni Shimokawa – tomorrow. And now i like “Wind” by Akeboshi, its the closing tune to naruto eps And Ahem – We do not discuss the illegal downloading of copyrighted material on Pojo. Kawaita Sakebi – Yu-Gi-Oh! Inthe song won first place in JASRAC ‘s annual awards for “its continued royalties from online sales, pachinko and pachislo pachinko parlor slot machine games, karaokeand other venues in — 15 years after its debut.


In Februaryit received a Million certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japanfor more than a million copies sold through cellphone and PC download platforms. Wolf’s Rain – Stray 9.

cruel angels thesis yugioh

Evangelion School Campus Apocalypse. For more go to animelyrics.

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Opening Kiss me Sunlight Zone of the Enders 2: Trigun – Genecide Song Asu e no Brilliant Road Stellvia of the Universe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a dub fan, and I love Japanese music. Several dance cover remixes have appeared on the Dancemania compilations.

Archived from the original on 14 April Yeah, it might sound like Avril Lavigne would crruel she were Japanese, but it’s still good: Endless Waltz Movie ED 5. King of Hearts G Gundam:

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