Case studies throughout provide students with real-life examples. It is described as a comprehenive introduction to development, justice and human rights issues. The six modules included are: An explanation of something which has no relevance to the topic title already provided or no relevance to the aims and objectives of Civic, Social and Political Education. There are online resources and backup at edcodigital. The resource is now available online here:

There is plenty of stimulus material, both text and pictures, ideas for Action Projects, a sample exam paper and a useful glossary of terms. Only one skill mentioned. A vague, unclear and irrelevant topics title. Phrases such as; “because the teacher told us”, “because the teacher gave it to us”. What in the World?

Only one skill mentioned. The student should be encouraged assewsment develop and expand these views. A junior cycle Civic, Social and Political Education Unit exploring human rights and development has been developed by APA in collaboration with an experienced CSPE teachers, and has been piloted extensively, with the wrk learning evident from the student quotes embedded throughout the unit. A clear synopsis of what the student has found out from doing this Action Project.

Unclear identification of the issue. Each of the activities undertaken should be briefly described, two to three sentences on each will suffice. New edition due Sept As a development education resource it focuses on the development of key skills including critical and creative vook, collaborative research and taking action. This high quality colour manual is an invaluable resource for schools and has particular relevance for CSPE teachers.


Coursework assessment book cspe

Video sent to schools as part of the Know Racism Campaign. Students outside Dublin will also find useful information on local government. Events which do not describe a learning process directly related to the Civic, Social and Political Education course.

cspe course work assessment book

The Trocaire Campaign for centres on Internally Displaced Persons and extensive materials were sent to schools, tailored to different aspects of the couurse. Each Dublin City branch library has a reference and a lending copy.

Coursework assessment book cspe

The general list of factsheets is here. A clearunambiguous and relevant title 3. The material can be used by any teacher. A limited number of printed copies is also available. Tuition plays a key role in preparing students for the CSPE exam.

This section should list and briefly describe differentactivities undertaken during the course of the Action Project. Action ideas that have some realistic possibility of being achieved either by the student themselves or by others. Case studies throughout provide students with real-life examples.


cspe course work assessment book

It was sent to schools in early The resource can be downloaded from hereeither in full or section by section. A title that clearly indicates to anybody reading it what the course-work module was about.

They are available from Trocaire or can be downloaded free from here. They will also be useful for school information evenings and open days. It is described as a comprehenive introduction to development, justice and human rights issues.

Resource banks, at the end of each chapter, provide students with opportunities to search for further information. The video, insegmented form is also available to view on the library’s website. Making Children’s Rights Real: It is published by Mentor.

To be encouraged Each student should list the different activities cape during the course of the Action Project. Student-centred learning methodologies are central to this unit and the Student Portfolio includes different approaches including reflective self-assessment.

This should be presented in the form of a summary.

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