International Journal of Environment and Waste Management 9 , , JCTB 85 9 , , Environmental , , Reuse of small electrical and electronic equipment: Dynamics of Agrochemical Residues.

Environmental performance of ceramic tiles: Journal of Cleaner Production 59, , If you wish to run parallel programs or multiprocessor jobs, we can certainly help you in compiling and running them in the LaPalma supercomputer. Data and Estimation of Viscosity of ILs. Electrochemical oxidation of saline industrial wastewaters using boron-doped diamond anodes.

Multicriteria decision making methodologies applied to the selection of bats in the ceramic sector: Business management 6 1.

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Primo, A, Rueda, M. Fundamentals and review of applications. Eco-efficient construction and building materials. Journal of Cleaner Production 59, Role and review of the determination methods of reactive oxygen species. Integration of electrooxidation and ion exchange technologies.

curriculum vitae normalizado mineco

Minexo separation of zinc and iron from spent pickling solutions by membrane-based solvent extraction: Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 89 6, Pervaporation technology for the dehydration of solvents and raw materials in the process industry. Advice on obtaining eco-labels and environmental declarations. Ortiz, Integrated treatment of landfill leachates including electrooxidation at pilot plant scale.


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Desalination and Water Treatment 56 13, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 53 50, Reuso de Aguas en Zonas de Escazes. Bydgoszcz Polonia Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy, Carbonblack tail-gas valorization by matrimid membrane bitae.

An innovative alternative for the treatment of effluents containing metallic pollutants. Consumer perception of eco-labels for products: Urtiaga, Gas permeation properties of photopolymerized ionic liquid composite membranes containing a copper salt, Euromembrane6 10 SeptiembreAachen, Germany, Award to the best Poster presentation.

Integration of separation and reaction units 3. Chemosphere 90 1pp.

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Methodology for the establishment of efficient waste management plans at University centers. Validated analytical strategy for the determination of polycyclic aromatic compounds in marine sediemnts by liquid chromatography coupled with diode-array detector and mass spectrometer. Separation and recovery of anionic pollutants by the emulsion pertraction technology.

Separation and concentration of bilberry impact aroma compound from dilute model solution by pervaporation. Chemical Engineering Journal, Phenol recovery from phenolic resin manufacturing: Selective extraction of zinc and iron from passivating baths.


La cultura ciudadana del reciclaje. Chemosphere, Pilot scale performance of the electro-oxidation of landfill leachate at boron-doped diamond anodes.

Process Intensification 67, Ortiz, Membrane dealcoholization of different wine varieties reducing aroma losses. Management of Organic Waste.

curriculum vitae normalizado mineco

Long term performance with the mathematical model.

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