Users cannot filter the data provided through views. Add a table to track any changes made to the classification of each customer. Both Table1 and Table2 will contain more than 1 million rows. All of the domain controllers are global catalog servers. Ret1 moves the email messages to an Archive mailbox after one year. You create two retention tags named Tag1 and Tag2. A call answering rule C.

Create an Outlook protection rule and filter the rule based on the SentTo property. Classification Changes You plan to change the way customers are classified. Recently, DB1 went offline because of a disk failure. To answer, select the two appropriate options in the answer area. The organization has two Send connectors. Assign the UM mailbox policy to the mailbox of the HR department.

Which command should you include in the recommendation?

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Admin5 is a member of the Recipient Management management role group. What should you include in the recommendation? You need to identify which components from the Contoso network must be accessible to A. After the changes, users report that their voice mail is no longer being delivered to their Exchange Server mailbox. Site Resiliency Requirements Proseware identifies the following site resiliency requirements for the Exchange Server organization: The solution must minimize processor overhead.


The network contains four subnets. Outlook is configured to connect to mail. Carbohydrate analysis – The neutral sugar composition was determined after methanolysis in 0.

Which three Exchange servers stydy you associate to the UM dial plans? Create a DNS record named autodiscover. The database will be used by a Microsoft.

datum case study 70-467

Anywhere users are enabled for Cached Exchange Mode. Datum, configure directory synchronization. Which DAG design should you recommend?

datum case study 70-467

Modify the stored procedures to update tables in the same order for all of the stored procedures. The original XML invoices must be stored in the database. You create a table named Sales.

To answer, select the appropriate user right in the answer area. Retention tags and retention policies B.

You need to recommend a solution to ensure that the users can protect email messages by using IRM from Outlook Web App.

The private network and the perimeter network are separated by a firewall. During the event, data must be highly available. Your company identifies the following security requirements: The third-party tax component will be provided as a DLL file named Treytax. You need to prepare the certificate required dtum the planned deployment.


The UserName column will: Physical Locations Fabrikam has two main offices. The Contoso network contains an 7-467 Directory forest named contoso.

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In the Exchange Server organization of Contoso, create a sharing policy. The assembly must be accessible by stydy T-SQL commands. The memos must be protected so that unauthorized users cannot read the memos and internal users cannot forward the memos to external recipients.

Users from both organizations access their mailbox from the Internet by using Outlook Anywhere. You need to recommend a solution to minimize the amount of time that the Exchange Server services are unavailable if either the data center in Montreal or the data center in Seattle fails.

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