In which sequence should you perform the actions? The solution must meet the business requirements. Each server has mailboxes for active users and mailboxes for inactive users. Legal is enabled for In-Place Hold. Retention Requirements Proseware plans to reduce mailbox server storage usage and to limit company liability. The following is the relevant portion of the script. You verify that the mailbox of User2 is hosted on Office

Early studies provided evidence that T. On all of the Exchange servers, import the certificate, and then run the New-FederationTrust cmdlet. You need to reduce the size of the log file. What should you do in contoso. Deploy a hardware load balancer to EX3 and EX6.

Auditing Requirements The following actions must be audited for actions in the Legal mailbox only: The solution must ensure that the application can make changes to the schema of a temporary object during a session. These files must only be accessed through the ERP application. A call answering rule C. A server certificate E. The severity and symptoms of the disease vary with the geographical region and are related to the characteristics of the patient and the parasite.


You enable auditing for all of the mailboxes. The Global Catalog servers. What should you add at line 30 of Procedures. The file share witness is on a server named Share1. A public folder database named PF1 is mounted on EX5. Cas will be used to move email messages to the Archive mailbox.

datum case study 70-467

Retention Requirements Proseware plans to dtudy mailbox server storage usage and to limit company liability. Which two tasks should you recommend? The stored procedure is used to update order information.

datum case study 70-467

Which code segment should you execute before studj remove Column1? You create a data loss prevention DLP policy. Table2 AS t2 ON t1. Orders table, add a column named Status that will store the order status. You plan to create a new database on SQL1 to support the application.

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The stored procedure queries the Orders table twice each time the procedure executes. You casse to ensure that all email messages transmitted between the Montreal users and the Toronto users are routed through EX5. You need to ensure that callers to the France office can navigate the voice mail system menu in French.


The storage will be offline for the next two days. What should you create? Users in 5ite2 connect to site2-mail.

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A throttling policy and a throttling policy association. Set-mailboxserver-identity ex6 autodatabasemountdial bestavailability C.

Assign the UM1 70-4667 policy to the mailbox of the HR department. Each order is tracked by using one of the following statuses: The settings of DAG1. The database administrators syudy to reduce the amount of time required to import the data. You plan to implement voice mail for all users. The solution must minimize database replication downtime.

Invoices stored in the InvoiceStatus table must refer to an invoice by the same identifier used by the Invoice table. Which three actions should you perform in sequence?

datum case study 70-467

The diagrams will be stored in the database as images.

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