Although there may be difficulties with the standard of written English the report should be readable and should be comprehensible. However, we consider it impractical to differentiate between students that fall under the Equality Act and those that do not, and believe that all students may benefit from the opportunity to record taught sessions. Where the Panel of Examiners has insufficient confidence in the integrity and fairness of the outcomes of an assessment, it shall take appropriate action in order to achieve sufficient confidence. Quality of results and the clarity of their presentation 90 7. Where mitigating circumstances are accepted, the Panel makes recommendations in a report to the relevant Board of Examiners with the student’s name anonymised concerning the assessments affected and the likely severity of the impact on the student. If you failed to submit the dissertation on time then you will be awarded a grade F unless you have a valid reason approved by the MC Panel.

The following caps to be uniformly applied, in the absence of relevant mitigating circumstances accepted by the BoE: September; Assessed in November for Sep. Please check your documents regularly for viruses, especially if you are using different computers around Brunel and within external organisations, and remember to keep several backup copies of your work. Moreover, it needs to be pointed out that many students who are undertaking a laboratory-based project often tend to concentrate too much on the experimental work, and place too little emphasis on critical analysis during writing-up the dissertation; you must organise your work so that your dissertation is a well-organised and authoritative document. If submitting by post you must obtain a certificate of posting, which you must take to the course administrator as soon as possible in order to prove the date of posting which will then be treated as the submission date. Quality of results and the clarity of their presentation 90 7.

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Facts without stated sources are unsupported assertions and constitute poor scholarship. Therefore you cannot necessarily expect immediate attention for your draft to be read instantly. Mitigating Circumstances Panel considers student individual circumstances confidentially, and btunel recommendations to the Examination Board on appropriate actions for students who have problems subjission their academic work.

All submissions diwsertation be made using the Mitigating Circumstances Form appendix 13 available from the Institute for the Environment Office. The discussion is likely to lack a strong critical dimension but should show a fair attempt in the organisation and presentation of its findings and provide a meaningful but somewhat superficial conclusion of the report.


Grades for each module block are moderated internally by a module block moderator who is normally not a member of submissin teaching staff of that module block, and grades finalised.

Your degree is comprised of lzte usually totalling credits, including a dissertation which has a volume of at least 60 credits. Moreover, in order to support toxicologists in employment to further develop their knowledge in specific areas and support them in their continuing professional development CPDwe offer students the ability to register for and attend individual module blocks, as short-courses.

The module blocks in TARA are delivered as a combination of standard throughout the term and block delivery delivered within weeks, depending on the module.

Will the study require the co-operation of a gatekeeper for initial access to the groups or individuals to be recruited? University calendar showing term dates 83 Appendix 3: Staff have backgrounds across the spectrum of experience of academic research, teaching and administration, and possess a mature and balanced perspective of student requirements for successful completion of their degrees.

Presentation The report will broadly conform to the house-style and will have a logical structure. Put the reference to Jones in the bibliography in the appropriate place: The TARA programme comprises a total of 8 taught module blocks, divided into 6 compulsory and 2 out of 3 optional module blocks, as well as a dissertation.

This guidance will explain in more detail what Good Academic Practice means and the consequences of not engaging in it.

dissertation late submission brunel

Elsevier Science Publishing Co. The dissertation supervisor will be a latte of staff who has agreed to supervise the project and has relevant expertise. It will also evaluate if the student developed their argument in a logical and clear way that can be followed by the audience.

The Graduate School is a place where you can meet other postgraduate students, find a quiet place dlssertation study, unwind in the social area and make the most out of your postgraduate experience.

dissertation late submission brunel

All cases will be formally and carefully considered, but not all will be accepted. The projectdissertation is a module that provides the students with the opportunity to design. In addition to this, and due to the extensive expertise of the members of IfE, in this programme we offer advanced training in both in human and environmental key specialist topics, such as mixtures toxicology, endocrine disruption, ecotoxicology, biometry and statistics.


All taught module blocks are worth 15 credits total taught element creditsand the dissertation corresponds to 60 credits. Demonstrates a high degree of competence in the appropriate use xissertation the relevant literature, theory, methodologies, practices, tools, etc. The supervisor should ensure that the student obtains appropriate help from Institute or outside sources, to optimise the content of the dissertation.

Dissertation Late Submission Brunel

If the original mark and the agreed mark are significantly different, a brief explanation should be provided below: In Full-time mode the programme is delivered over 1 year 3 Termswith attendance on two days we may undertake joint teaching and field visits on a third day in some weeks per week during Term 1 and Term 2 taught module blocks.

Please make sure that each Appendix has a short introductory section at the beginning of each Appendix, to explain to the reader the contents of the appendix, and where in the main body of the dissertation the relevant information is used.

You will need to make submiszion between your work and published work, assessing similarities and differences between your results and the published results. For example, Smith, Williams and Jones ; if there were 4 authors, that would be Smith et al.

Dissertation late submission brunel

Where the Panel of Examiners has insufficient confidence in the integrity and fairness of the outcomes of an assessment, it shall take appropriate action in order to achieve sufficient confidence.

You also need to make sure you have your complete submsision as a single PDF file.

dissertation late submission brunel

However permission must be obtained from the author for anything included under this heading. A project of this scale requires careful management and in this section you will find advice on how to actively plan and control its direction to disseetation that you deliver a thesis that is of a.

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