The brand image can therefore either be an asset or a liability to an organisation as it is the image of the organisation that determines the level of attraction with potential employees. We have selected companies for our case studies that share the same characteristics. Otherwise, a company may fall short in the competition for talents. Statistics concerning percentage of population fulfilling higher education programmes can help us portray and determine the level of influence these parameters have on companies. Brand awareness for instance may suffice as it results in applications Keller, ,

Psychological contract When looking into the relationship between any employer and employee, one notion that is of important relevance is the issue of the psychological contract. These are for instance the costs of treating a stressed employee, the cost of employees being absent due to illness, and other factors stemming from employees being unsatisfied. Alternatively, one can perceive value in more qualitative terms without incorporating financial measures. This is interesting in regards to the debate on values which future employees require to be met before acknowledging a company as a future employer as well as the values set forth by the company as key to their operation. As indicated above the exact financial value of the brand is impossible to establish. Examples of artefacts could be uniforms or offices.

Employees or employers who perceive a breach of the contract are likely to respond negatively, this may occur in forms of reduced commitment, loyalty and retention Millmore et al. Moreover, if employyer, employee satisfaction surveys will draw a picture of the organisational culture and identity.

employer branding thesis themen

The search for answers will take its point-of-departure within statistics concerning the following areas:. The basic assumptions are communicated to new employees through empolyer and the artefacts and should they change it will be evident in the whole culture Millmore et al. Through ceremonies and rites the organisation can influence the culture.


Before we can talk concerning how to write an emplojer thesis statement, you’ll need to be able to identify an excellent thesis when you see one. These tendencies support the argument for increased competition for talents, because the supply of labour is significantly low.

Du kommenterer med din WordPress. Today, narrative of Argumentative and descriptive equity, Website Forto you is to to write this of. As already explained, synergy exists between the two assets.

All data have been converted from Ask People to Excel in order for us to compare the results. It is interesting to consider whether male and female students value the parameters differently. One could therefore conclude that employer branding is of less importance during an economic recession. Aaker suggests that a brand identity consists of four elements, which together can help create a differentiated identity Aaker, This is cause of concern not only for the economy of DK, however, also for companies, who are all competing in the same pool for talent.

As mentioned, the purpose of external marketing is to attract future employees and it is based on marketing theory which is also valid for product and corporate branding.


An example of an organisational personality trait is being innovative. Organisational commitment is defined as: Essay Writing Service Persuasive Way of getting Your Assignment Done Too busy with your parttime job and require a supplementary set of hands to do the writing assignment for brandig more week?

We have established the importance of coherence between internal and external communication in theory. Generation Y is just one aspect of the sociological kind encouraging companies to engage in employer branding, however, important as it determines the values of future employees.


employer branding thesis themen

In relation to employer branding we find this element least significant. The editing and proofreading process includes: Organisational fhesis is defined as: This indicates an increased need for work-life balance.

Employer branding thesis themen

The brand image can therefore either be an asset or a liability to an organisation as it is the image of the organisation that determines the level of attraction with potential employees. The values not only represent the way in which the company operates, however, also the way in which they view themselves, and want to theesis perceived as a company.

employer branding thesis themen

Furthermore, there are some factors prior to the brand identity development which have to be in place. For instance knowledge and especially tacit knowledge held by employees is often the basis for competitive advantage. The question is whether size influences ability and demand for employer branding.

Otherwise it can be considered a breach brannding the psychological contract affecting the rest of the process negatively.

Evaluation of employer branding on hospitality and tourism

A change in the workforce in recent years has brought a change within the psychological contract. One can assume empoyer ethics and social responsibility are feminine values, and therefore the finding is not particularly surprising. This brings to mind an intriguing debate on how needs influence values. Heres yet another way of citing using APA format:

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