Balanasi sits on an isthmus that straddles Chilika Lagoon, the largest body of water of its kind in South Asia. An estimated 64, people have to be evacuated and moved to safer places in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam. This time the centre and state coordination was excellent. It is time India steps up to address issues like mitigation strategies and effective disaster management planning. Select a category , then start typing a word to see the suggestions.

Potato prices shot up to Rs 50 per kg and chuda crushed rice cost more than double at Rs Odisha, Andhra on alert as cyclone Phailin upgraded to super storm”. The delay in generating core information affected the decision making processes of local responders. As per initial reports, 3 people were killed due to heavy rainfall accompanied by strong winds in coastal areas. A service provided by UN OCHA ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since

At the time of the storm landfall, strong winds and heavy rainfall commenced in southern Odisha districts, leading to disruption in power supply. Loss of lives in the case of Cyclone Phailin was minimised by effective early warning communication supported by joint efforts from the community, volunteer organisations, local and national levels of government and by donors, but also by the level of preparedness the community and local and national government exhibited.

Retrieved dyclone February It emerged into the Andaman Sea during the next day and moved west-northwest into an improving environment for further development before the system was named Essaj on October 9, after it had developed into a cyclonic storm and passed over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands into the Bay of Bengal. Since the morning the wind speed in Gopalpur has increased phenomenally up to 70 km per hour. On 14 Octobersudden weather changes caused by Cyclone Hudhud in Nepal reportedly caused an avalanche on Mount Dhaulagiri.


All trains between Andhra and Odisha also canceled. Dry food, candles, match boxes and soaps went off the shelf in coastal districts of Odisha as well as state capital Bhubaneswar. Disaster management training was given to people that included several mock drills. It is time India steps up to address issues like mitigation strategies and effective disaster management planning. Archived from the edsay PDF on October 11, Second, the case of Esssay illustrates the increasing role and involvement of political leadership before, during, and after a disaster.

Retrieved 12 October Disaster Type Cold Wave 2.

essay on cyclone phailin in india

Losses across Odisha amounted to While it had announced to cancel some passenger trains yesterday, Railways decided to cclone movement of all trains today in view of the cyclone. Retrieved from ” https: Trains cancelled, diverted The Railways have cancelled all trains between Howrah and Visakhapatnam as a precautionary measure.

essay on cyclone phailin in india

Around 18 fishermen, who had gone to sea days ago from Puri district in Odisha, were reportedly stranded and officials were trying to establish a link with them.

Full Page view Annual Awards Gala. BSF and CRPF personnel, who are already assisting the local administration in view of the Seemandhra agitation, have also be called in case of emergency, the official added. The coastal districts are highly prone to cyclones, floods, droughts, and heat waves due to geographic location.

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Hurricanes around the US, which originate in the vast open Pacific Ocean, are usually much more stronger than the tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal, a relatively narrow and enclosed region.

Original publication Phaolin 1. The Railways have cancelled all trains between Howrah and Visakhapatnam as a precautionary measure. For a country of 1.

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This Uttrakhand tragedy raises the question; why a nation that can send a spacecraft to the moon couldn’t reach relief to Kedarnath for four days? Disaster Vulnerability and Donor Opportunity in South and Southeast Oon outlines opportunities for donors of all kinds to support disaster preparedness and risk reduction programs in six of the world’s most at-risk countries.

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News and Press Release Barring an early morning lightning strike at Simdradhao village in Giridih district in which a person was killed, according to police, there were no reports of rain-related casualty anywhere in the state. In this light, the modern disaster management system is conceived as a system that works in interface with humans and technology.

A big difference between the strengths of cyclones in April-May and October-December is that the former originate in situ in the Bay of Bengal itself, barely a few phhailin kilometres from the landmass.

Cyclone Phailin

Retrieved 3 October In cyclnoe aftermath of the super cyclone, the capacity of the Indian Meteorological Department was enhanced by space technology, the Meteo France International synergy system and a high-power computing system in order to help with predictions.

He said the cyclone will sustain for six hours and its impact will be felt for the next 24 hours. Submit Content Share information through ReliefWeb to better inform humanitarians worldwide.

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