Illiteracy in India, is characterised by wide gaps between the urban and rural populations. With the bulk of the world manufacturing distributed between China and Brazil, the only way India will be able to hike up its economy is going to be through the services industry. There is no better way to describe the debilitating relationship between poverty and unemployment in India. Political and some other priorities in Nepal as of 28 April 30,Apr, oxfamadmin. Answers Kalyani 25,Feb, oxfamadmin.

This is where vocational training programs come into play. In ,a nationwide adult-education programme was introduced to encourage adults to get themselves educated. Stories from the ground 27,Feb, Anisha. Cash incentive guaranteed under government scheme only a myth for pregnant women in Jharkhand 14,Jul, oxfamadmin. Collective actions from communities on Violence against women and girls Eight year old Neha who belongs to a Dalit community, lives in Ibadatnagar slum, located in the outskirts of Lucknow city in Uttar Pradesh.

essay on three effective measures to eradicate illiteracy in india

For a nation like ours that has been primarily agrarian and then speckled with manufacturing through the late 80s and 90s, literacy has been a means to an end.

India is developing but at a very slow rate, this is not the fault of a corrupt government; it is due to this problem of illiteracy only. Brighten up your Inbox! From Darbhanga to Davos: Help Pratham Shiksha make basic education available to more underprivileged people by contributing here. Its now turn of the youth to step up and take the responsibility on their shoulders to take this nation towards the light of literacy.


Political and some other priorities in Nepal as of 28 April 30,Apr, oxfamadmin. Instead, the future of the children covered under this scheme seems to be clouded with flies and lizards in the food. As in the words of Barad Obama, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.

Essays for IBPS PO VII : Illiteracy in India- A Bane to Society

Your critical support of a small monthly gift will help them build a better life. United Voices against Alcoholism 19,Mar, Ursila. Oxfam India in Kerala: No early marriage for Sabita as Oxfam India makes her mother see reason 17,May, oxfamadmin. In such cases, NGOs could open up an opportunity for educated people to volunteer as part-time teachers. The five ways mentioned above should have significant impact on education for underprivileged children.

Literacy level and educational attainment are backbone of development in a developing country like India. Home OffBeat Illiteracy in India. Many parents in underprivileged threee may be of the opinion that education is of no use. Of the 14 crore households in our country, around 8. Meet Jyoti 23,Oct, oxfamadmin. States that spend more on education seem to have a higher literacy rates as to the states which do not effectivve heavily on education.

Not only the government, but every literate citizen should contribute in battling with the demon of illiteracy. There are so many factors that come to play when trying to deal with illiteracy in India. A continuing worry is the lower rate of literacy among women. Posted by Renjith Nair at Oxfam India 04,Apr, oxfamadmin.


World Bank studies have established the direct and functional relationship between literacy and productivity on the one hand and literacy and the overall quality of human life on the other.

essay on three effective measures to eradicate illiteracy in india

Oxfam assessing the situation in devastated Gorkha district 30,Apr, oxfamadmin. Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write.

Illiteracy in India and Causes of Illiteracy

Take a look why Oxfam is providing cash support to families in violence affected Assam 31,Aug, oxfamadmin. Every issue that our society faces is like a link of a chain.

Postal stamps and calendars o been released for this purpose by the central government but these are not sufficient steps for promotion of literacy in a large country like India.

Five questions about the GlobalGoals you were too embarrassed to ask 25,Sep, oxfamadmin. The Constitution of India has also recognised the importance of educating the citizens therefore, several provisions in the constitution illiteeacy laid down that take care of the rights of the individuals.

No nation looks a promising nation if it has a stable economic growth rate but poor effeective rates. Kamlesh, a woman farmer 22,Apr, oxfamadmin. Building resilience of farmers in flood prone Odisha 03,Aug, oxfamadmin.

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