So if they did ask the particular question, how would I answer it? Plan your time well and do not attempt it at the last minute. For me, I think too much of grey area can make us look like we don’t have a unique identity. Newer Post Older Post Home. Image Source Yayasan Khazanah has several scholarships up for application:

As a guide, answering this last part should include several things. I hope you are doing well, and on behalf of the other readers out there, thank you, and I hope our paths may cross in the mere future. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Email required Address never made public. This website is a treasure trove of info, so kudos to CollegeLah! Thank you for ur tips..

And does it still consist of a maths and verbal test or only a personality type test?

Yayasan Khazanah Global Scholarship Programme

After all, no one wants to read an essay with no passion behind it. This site uses cookies. Anyways, congratulations on your success!! Or why are you applying for this scholarship. Boleh share sikit bahagian tu.

example of essay for yayasan khazanah scholarship

And the other one is Graphite test. How you prioritise whom you should reply first. The last 2 question in numerical I tembak je.

I wish for success in all your endeavours! During my time, there was no presentation session neither individually nor in group.


example of essay for yayasan khazanah scholarship

Our case study heavily revolved around the usage of facebook in the workplace. Take note of the deadlines.

Then because of that, I thought ezsay I won’t go to the next level. Take your time to think. I feel like jumping off the cliff when I got this. You are commenting using your Facebook account. There is a way around this, however.

example of essay for yayasan khazanah scholarship

There’s nothing much to prepare for this, ofr try to be as professional as you can and answer the questions with manner and smile. During the presentation, actively answer and ask questions. Hi Syahirah, Sorry for bothering you,I’m actually getting interviewed next Friday and I’m really really nervous.

I hope this can give you some clearer view about the flow of the process. A key factor in the selection is their confidence that you can handle and excel in studies, as well as influence other people positively.

Even collaboration with foreign countries such as China provides an inadequate answer to this question.

I vividly remember clamouring to finish the maths part to no avail. This task for the first stage is quite flexible since candidates were given a week to complete it. I’m pretty sure you gonna enjoy this interview since both of them are so nice and very supportive. I started off my essay talking about yayaswn I am YK material: YK is basically looking for future leaders, so prove to them that you have the attitude to yaywsan that on.


This required an extensive self-reflection, where I listed all my achievements and strengths, and how I could turn my weaknesses into incentives. Give them something to ponder upon; tell them your point of view on life and motivations to give your interviewers the impetus to ask you more questions. I can feeeelll youu haha.

Okay anyway, this entry is going to be about how I experienced Yayasan Khazanah Scholarship interviews since early of this year, up until last month.


Read through the questionnaire A-G and the questions given. At this stage, there were only five candidates including me. Thus I emailed them to request for a Skype interview. The system can detect if you are pretending to have that personality goals when actually you did not.

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