Thanks for the response! Has anyone done this? Many Thanks In Advance — G. July 16, at 3: I asked her how soon I would have to drop off the papers before I was planning on leaving and she seemed very casual about it and not too worried and didnt give me a specific time needed. June 5, at 8:

The Apostille helps authenticate the document for acceptance in the other country. I also still have not received my official acceptance letter in the mail. Users will become frustrated if when you ask for an email address, for example, if the response box only allows for 20 characters. The FBI Channeler will provide you easy to follow step-by-step instructions. I do not believe state departments from individual states are allowed to authenicate a federal document.

February 5, at 6: Office of Authentications U. I got my background check awhile ago and had to send it back in recently to get the apostille. When you open the DS you should also have a look at the Instructions page top left-hand fover button.

Quite a confusing process.

fbi background check apostille cover letter

Ask them how to go about sending an envelope so that you can get your results mailed back to you. Office of Authentications Apostille Stamp Services.


FBI Apostille Example

Does anyone have advice in this area? June 17, at 7: Return to top of page. I finally got my document back yesterday. Thanks for the response! I didnt make it out to the US state department.

Have a good year in Spain! Perhaps the second recruiter was mistaken. In my experience, the charge on my credit card indicated that the check was in progress.

Eltter was reading on my state website PA that we have to have the document notarized by someone in the state and then send it into the state department to get an official apostille from the state.

fbi background check apostille cover letter

Hello, Your blog post was very helpful. Once you get your response, make as many copies as you can. Your post was so helpful! I already sent my fingerprints, have things changed? Note from the FBI: The program let us know only last week May 21 that we were accepted.

To get an apostille from your own state department, the notary has to be chexk that same state.

Did everyone read the August newsletter?! Have a great day!

fbi background check apostille cover letter

I have a situation here. Hi Lauren, Yes, the State Department will return your original FBI background check with the Apostille certification, so then you will be all set for your Visa interview. Has anybody gotten this done?


Let me know if you find anything else out! You might need them later.

How to Apostille a FBI Background Check

Thank you for all your advise and help. The women entered all of my info and told be the visa process was started but that I would need to come back with the remaining documents and then at that point they would actually take my passport in order to put the actual visa in it. May 9, at 3: May 17, at 6: I contacted the man who is part of the ministry of education for my region found his name in the packet he was apotille to make an earlier appointment for me.

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