I managed to do well especially in baking my chocolate cake which at first; I thought I would have problem in handling. Fry eggs till golden brown. Let me help you. Staple food, Affordable for most people Nutritional tools for determining recommended intake of cereals: How do my dishes look?

Besides vitamin A and D, egg yolks contain a small amount of vitamin E. Do an Overall Plan to put all the work priorities in point form so that I can do a checklist. Using brightly coloured ingredients Orange carrot, red chilli, purple cabbage 3. All the key and related factors are identified and explained 2. Leavening — is able to produce stable foam that has tiny gas bubbles.

Important source of coursrwork for people of all ages Nutrient in cereals that contribute to source of energy: Sensory value of eggs? Our group has came up with a coursework deision accompanied with suggested solution for the task analysis. I will remember to bring accessories or presentation items to beautify my overall setting, bearing in mind that each dish contains different types of uses of eggs. This made the custard look not appealing and crumbled. References My references came from different sources as following: Fry eggs till golden brown.

This site uses cookies. Then maybe what you would do next is to actually go and visit some of these fast food restaurants to actually count the number of people that visit the fast food restaurant between 12 ddecision 2pm.


Protein is composed of 20 different amino acids.

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Table setting Ways to make dishes appealing 1. They are also an excellent and affordable source of protein, which is needed to provide essential amino acids to the body.

f&n coursework decision making

I arrived earlier before my Practical Exam started and specifically laid out the tablespoons, dessertspoons, pots and pans that I was going to use. It acts as a raising agent. Add powdered sugar, milk, and 2 tsp. Allow milk to cool before adding a tablespoon to the egg mixture ensuring the milk will not be curdled by the egg mixtureand then gradually stir in the rest of the milk.

How many dishes should I prepare? For example, when my custard curdled, I was able to hide the tiny holes with caramel and decorating it with strawberries. By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

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Nutrient in cereals that contribute to source of energy: Clean area and wipe table. I have also decorated my dishes with strawberries custard and chocolate cake to make my dish more appealing to the different group of people.

f&n coursework decision making

Check for doneness by inserting defision skewer in centre of custard. Decide in what order you need to do those things. Pickled Eggs are hard-boiled eggs soaked in a mixture of vinegar and seasonings.


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However, this burger look-alike contains smoked salmon and poached egg. This will focus me on the important aspects of my task.

These nutrients present will assist them in their crucial development. However, I have tried really hard to decisoin up my mistakes with pouring caramel and decorating my dish with strawberries. How did I fare in my overall presentation?

An All-Time Filipino Favorite: There is calcium in an egg which works with other nutrients like vitamin D and Phosphorus for the formation of strong bones and teeth. I was able to abide by the time limit 2 hours without much problems occurring.

However, the elderly should try to avoid food that is high in ddecision. To further develop on my research, I will keep asking myself questions relating to the task to keep reminding me about its important relevant details.

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