All Geography starts with someone going into the field to find out what’s there. Can the coastal management strategies at x be compared with strategies along a contrasting stretch of coast? Use waterproof paint to mark each pebble. What coastal management strategies are used at x? Public drinking of alcohol on near the Pier and in Bournemouth Gardens is forbidden. There may also be a time-lag in Unemployment data that is based on claimant count and thus distort the data.

Click here to sign up. What do you think are the most important reasons for protecting the coast at Tywyn? Beach profiles can also be used to calculate cross-sectional area and the amount of beach material present. Chosen areas are most heavily tourist-concentrated due to a range of tourist attractions and facilities and hence were most likely to expose pressures. What historical evidence is there for the impact of these hard defences?

Larger variety of cafes, a boat-rent station and additional parking on the eastern side of the beach also add to business.

gcse geography coursework coasts example

Illustration 7 represents area of the beach, which received [the highest] Level 5 on litter scale. An effective questionnaire geogrxphy a mixture of closed and open questions: Putting signs and controlling Effectiveness: Beach cleaners on the in the morning III.

Choose a stretch of coast with some variation.

I would like to thank the following: Overtime salaries to drivers; petrol costs; depreciation of transport External costs: Resilience How resilient is the coast at settlement x to changing weather patterns associated with climate change?


Risk and vulnerability 9. Evening buses going into Bournemouth CBD experience particular pressure and reach level 4 see illustration Curved sea wall and rip-rap. Beach profiles Beach profiles use distance and angle measurements to help you investigate the shape of the beach. This is judged by eye. Salaries to patrolling policemen, fuel cost of bringing cars.

Spanish nationals form the largest group of EU tourists due to proximity to England and low-price flights from Bournemouth Airport. Groyne measurements Use a tape measure to find the height of beach material on either side of a groyne. Shoreline management plans Shoreline management plans are an essential source to find our more about about erosion and other coastal processes in your chosen length of coastline.

Spread the pebbles out in the swash zone, and place a marker further up the beach to show the start point for the pebbles.

Coastal Management – FSC Geography Fieldwork

Page 1, Illustration 1 — original map obtained at Ordnance Survey website: High resolution maps are available that show individual buildings and height above sea level. A possible fieldwork location: Here are a few suggestions:. This is the sharpest corner on the a-axis.

Here are some densities of rocks often used for rip-rap. What is the impact of coastal management on longshore drift and the rate of deposition? Shoreline management plans are an essential source to find our more about about erosion and other coastal processes in your chosen length of coastline. There have not been any cases recorded, when people were unable to board. Monthly revenues of Bournemouth businesses correlate to the inflow of tourists in Bournemouth with summer months and pre-Christmas being the periods, when people spend most.


Use rules or calipers to measure the a, b and c axes of each pebble. From October to February occupancy falls, Christmas and New Year being the only anomaly due to people having winter holidays. Opportunity cost of not advertising something else; poster production II.

Different sampling techniques were used to avoid bias, but stratified questionnaires could have given more accurate data.

Geography Fieldwork

Specialised concept Research question or sub question Causality How has the sea wall at x altered the rates of erosion and deposition? In its simplest form likelihood can be scored depending on the estimated height of the sea defence above a high tide or storm tide.

gcse geography coursework coasts example

Equipment, transportation, electricity; Aestetic visual pollution caused by generators Effectiveness: Use a clursework of graduated sieves can be used to sort sediment samples into different size categories in millimetres or as phi sizes.

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