It also prevents the spine from collapsing into a concave shape after years of use or of standing upright on a shelf. No less than 3 cm on the inside margin usually the left on a single sided book and 2 cm on the others. We offer a variety of soft and hard binding options. Yes, no problem at all. We will do our upmost to accommodate those in a rush. A large amount are difficult to disguise and a reprint would be the best option.

You just need to set up your margins accordingly and instructions for doing this in Microsoft Word can be found in our Thesis Help section. Yes, no problem at all. These services are available at all times – no booking required 5. We offer greatly reduced rates for Thesis and Student Project Printing. Backing The process of shaping a ridge or shoulder on each side of the spine.

how long does it take to get dissertation binded

A few present no problem. Preparing your Thesis or Dissertation.

how long does it take to get dissertation binded

Why has the document got to be saved in a single file? Soft bound theses take a minimum of 2 – 3 hours to complete Hard bound theses will be ready 4 hours after you order. These prices are for A4 portrait binding only.

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diesertation No, please allow between 30 minutes to 1 hour on top of the binding time this may vary during busy periods. If you’re using a Mac, you won’t need any additional software and should see this page. Depending on the weight of paper we can bind anything up to pages in most cases. What is the difference between hard, soft and simple binding?


Generally yes, but you will need to contact us first. Please use the free download and free converter on this page. Yes, we accept all major credit cards except American Express. We charge extra as there is more work involved. It can be downloaded from this page and instructions for use can be found here. Rounding The process of hammering the spine into a convex shape. Please be aware that hod may vary. Lettering in gold on the spine degree, year, name and front cover title, name, degree, year taoe included in the price.

How long does it take to print and bind my thesis?

It’s always best to double check with your college if you’re unsure. By clicking Accept, you agree to the use of cookies. Bineed are 3 ways to get your Thesis to us for printing: Yes, but it depends on how many.

Endpapers Folded sheets at the front and back of a book.


On busy days we cannot guarantee printing for a same-day service sent by email. There are a lot of cowboys out there! If you have more than the max pages for your binding type please select 2 or more books per thesis. Photocopying Laminating Stationery Book an Appointment.

The binding process is the easy part! We do rebinds of old books, binding of magazines into hard volumes etc.

On smaller screens, parts of the submission form may be hidden. Is the printing time included in the binding time? It also prevents the spine from collapsing into a concave shape after years of use or of standing upright on a shelf. Just like wood, paper has a grain direction. Lng Back Books which are not rounded and backed — a contemporary square back style.

How long does a dissertation take to bind?

The only thing you need is to save it to a PDF, after this its plain sailing. How long does a dissertation twke to bind? SEND – Email us your dissertation to info collisbirdandwithey.

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