Skip to secondary content. The main thing to note is that you get 12 pages total for the candidate section plus the research strategy not including the aims. Facilities and other resources: Then you need to calculate the fringe costs on your salary, which is an extra amount that the NIH gives directly to your university for benefits, etc. See, I told you it was a lot sooner than you thought. You are commenting using your Google account.

Just one more less point in 7 out of 9 categories and it would have met the payline. Yes, even though that amount is for both direct and indirect costs, you still list it all under direct costs. To me that sounded more fancy, to scientists I think it just sounded confused. I am still within the window of eligibility and am wondering whether I can write and submit a brand new K99 application? Try to write drafts of all the important stuff early so you can get multiple rounds of feedback, especially on the aims page and research proposal.

You have to log into a separate system, eRA commonsto find out what the warnings are. Perhaps there is a way you can remove me from that service?

This needs to be very specific about what skills you want to learn in the two years of the K99 phase. Thank you for the excellent resource! So check the guidelines for your sfatement.

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Give them the NIH instructions for writing and submitting letters found here. You are commenting using your WordPress. It must include the list of the people who are submitting reference letters for you. So, now I am going to get it ready for a resubmission. Would have been so useful to have this ahead of time!!! For me the writing was time-consuming, but not overly unpleasant; the worst part of the process was getting my advisor, references, and collaborators to do their parts and to coordinate all the administrative stuff.


A Comprehensive Guide to Applying for the NIH K99/R00

I am much better at taking the time to write about why particle size patterns are important, and then just calling it that. The NIH provides guidelines and templates for what this should include found here.

This site uses cookies. October 24, at I noticed the link for the K99 program officers is dead. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Persona for authentication of key resources: Dude, that is rocking.

Hopefully your advisor is not a procrastinator. Some people choose based on the success rates, which vary by institute and can be found here.

k99 personal statement

Overall, it should convey that you have an awesome background in certain areas but still need to learn more stuff in order to achieve your future goals. The department and grants office probably have a bunch of other internal forms and budgets they need you to fill out, so check with them about that.


k99 personal statement

And it really did look like a waterfall…. Mine went from 36 to 28, so much closer to the payline. Contact people There are a persobal of people you need to contact months in advance: Yes, even though that amount is for both direct and indirect costs, you still list it all under direct costs.

Actually, a better future direction is to use this gene finding in a predictive algorithm to predict health outcomes. If you log into era commons, you will see the date of your IRG meeting. The collaborators or consultants should have expertise that fits with your research and training plans.

Speak to your PO. I got my reviews back. List the stuff you will buy, the conferences you will go to if you asked for travel costsand how you calculated animal costs or any other specific expenses. Sure wish I had your summary when I started working on my grant!

I submitted applications twice and received the same score both times sadly, both non-fundable. Mention what fringe rate you used for the calculations. It will be and has been much easier from here on.

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