Minerals are inorganic elements which function as co-factors in enzyme catalyzed reactions, regulation of acid-base balance, nerve conduction, muscle irritability and structural elements of the body. C-Glycosyflvones from Gnetum buchholzianum and Gnetum africanum. Ministere de la Cooperation. Fruits, vegetables and cereals are the chief sources of mineral elements in the diet. The implication is that the conventional method of cooking this vegetable increases its mineral content which is of immense benefit to its consumers. Macromolecules and cellular membranes are particularly vulnerable to free radical damage with the resultant loss of physiological function and cell death.

Increase in weight is associated with high quality nutrients which are commonly found in the leaves of Gnetum africanum Fokou and Domngang, ; Mialoundama, CNS stimulation may produce twitching of the extremities, clonic movements, hyper-reflexia, convulsions and pyrexia; these may progress to lethargy, ataxia, confusion, coma and hypotension. The specie of G. The degree of greenness, due to chlorophyll content, is important in determining the final quality of green vegetables [29]. However, if the number of platelets is too high, blood clots can form thrombosis , which may obstruct blood vessels and result in such events as a stroke, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism or the blockage of blood vessels to other parts of the body, such as the extremities of the arms or legs. Study on the membrane shear elastic module and viscosity of reticulocytes.

Phytochemical screening of Nigerian medicinal plants II. The results obtained are discussed from a biochemical point of view.

The specie of G. Lack of one or both of these substances inhibits RBC production and causes blood cells forming in the bone marrow to enlarge. It is also chewed raw in the management of excessive urination by infantile diabetic patients reviee Traditional Medical Smith, ; Shiembo, ; Mialoundama, ; Ekop, This could be one explanation for the reduced chlorophyll content of the cooked vegetable. Each hemoglobin molecule contains four iron atoms. Nutritional and phytogeriatological studies of three varieties of Gnetum africanum Afang.


Literature review on gnetum africanum

In this study, the level of white blood cells WBC was used as an index of immune function. Boiling the leaves of G.

B lymphocytes B cells: Presumably, drug-mediated processes cause a large enough change in certain properties of a significant of red blood cells, e. Reduction in serum protein could have consequences on the overall physiological function of animals.

Monago C, Uwakwe A. IwealaFriday O. The DPPH assay measures the electron-donating ability of the compounds in a mixture and thus provides an estimate of the antioxidant activity due to free radical scavenging.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Hct Values Normal Values: The stain was double-diluted with buffered distilled water PH 6. Plant Cell Reports, The number of red cells is a known volume and of known dilution is counted using a counting chamber. Tocopherol as a lipophilic vitamin, is the most powerful antioxidant [23].

literature review on gnetum africanum

A thin blood film was made by dropping anti-coagulated blood on one end of a clean grease-free slide. The liver enzymes namely Alanine transaminase, Aspartate transaminase and Alkaline phosphatase were unaffected while the reduction in cholesterol was not significant.

literature review on gnetum africanum

Radioprotection of mice by superoxide dismutase. In the embryo, the spleen is a blood-forming center; it loses this function as the fetus matures. Such findings are often supported by positive results from in vitro mutagenicity studies. Formation of meso, N- diphenylprotoporphyrin IX by an aerobic reaction of phenylhydrazine with oxyhemoglobins.


Literature review on gnetum africanum

Thus consumption of other food substances that are rich in energy gneyum alongside the vegetable may be needful. HIV may lie dormant until another infection triggers T cells to increase and the virus to multiply.

The formula for the calculation is: Gnetum africanum is a dioecious plant belonging to the family Gnetaceae. From the foregoing, it is clear that the wide usage of both the raw and cooked forms of G. The leaves of the plant are also used in the Nigeria herbal medicine for the treatment of enlarged spleen, sore throats literatture as a cathartic Abdullah et al.

Palm nuts and groundnut gneum are basic ingredients in the preparation of Okok. With HIV, not only is part of the body’s defense system lost, but the very cells that should defend the body are working against it.

The nucleus of the leucocytes stained deep violet black and was counted in the four squares of the chamber.

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