Heart monitor for the starting buzzer, crying babies for the crowds with cowbells.. Levi Jeans A group of doctors rush this guy into the ER and the heart monitor is beeping.. The announcer hangs up and the man stares at the receiver sadly and mumbles “Aaron Burr”. The older kids are jealous, but happy for the little boy as Ronald skates away with a smile and a wave for everyone. You’ve got to come see all the excitement! Norelco This great piece of creativity continued a legacy that had begun in the s, each time getting more technological. Chris tries a few catchy phrases you might actually try to sell Mountain Dew, but engrossed by the glass of yellow liquid, David insists that it’s something else.

Budweiser superbowl 98, the ones where the iguana’s where trying to kill the frogs, and so they sent the ferret to blow them up. The coach replies, “That’s great. Then the Pepsi man gives the coke back to the Coke man. Somewhere around that time period Patnership For a Drug Free America These series of commericials started around or Budweiser Three frogs sitting on lillipads croaking Budweiser. At a reservoir, he walks up to a scientist with a test tube full of some red liquid and asks for his professional opinion.

Once in one of the rooms hooked up to all the machines. It aired during the Super Bowl in or The clerk says “Trix are for kids!

Quite emotional, since many of the best Hallmark ads air during Christmas. It aired during the Super Bowl in Raid Two green bugs are bragging about how tough they are and all of a sudden they look at the camera and yell RAID!?! But, one day when some kids offered him drugs, Bobby said to those kids: Another uses a glass bottle to catch on, but is just a bit to slow. Love that honey crunch.


mcdonalds homework 1980s commercial

How can htere be theres no milk in this town? Suddenly a shoe flys out and the girl grabs it and looks at it, saying,”Cool!

He gets his Litte Ceasar’s Pizza pizza deal and the best things mcdonalda to happen to him To get a ticket! Bush’s Baked Beans This commercial featured a man Bush and his dog sitting in the living room, talking about his home made baked beans, he mentions that it’s a family secret which he’s only told his dog, and he says “And he’s not saying anything!

mcdonalds homework 1980s commercial

The mom and her kids immediately start screaming in terror, and the mascot is chasing jcdonalds through the house, saying stuff like,” Then the man goes “What’s in Virginia?

The teacher tells him that the class is over, and he walks up to the front of the room, thanking her for all her help in teaching him to read better, and hands her a Hallmark card. My coffee is dry, cake tastes like a sweater. Also I am trying to find it on the internet.

If you use to be freaked out by it, are you still?


Homework and McDonald’s

But it seems the kids were doing that to get his boom box so they could practice the Preamble. The egg commercia then cracked over a hot skillet, and the egg starts to cook. Claritin Syrup There are these annoying kids and they are singing, “I believe in a syrup!

He puts an Eggo waffle into a toaster and turns his back. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

mcdonalds homework 1980s commercial

Mountain Dew Radio ad. When it’s really cool! Leave a Commercizl Cancel reply Enter your comment here She stands there dancing around while the music plays: The narrator says “If you want to make it in the NBA The sequel sees Don Cherry in the commercial.

Homework and McDonald’s | Retro Commercials

It shows this guy in an almost deserted parking lot in his Golf. The coach comes onto the field to make sure he is OK. At the beginning it was like “Blow pops-Take 1” or something like that that. The screen then says “If he can, why can’t you?

Snickers Probably the funniest commercial I’ve ever seen. That features Lord finesse, Paroahe monch,mos def and also another rapper who’s name I can’t recall.

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