Hello, I am a junior student majoring in applied mathematics finance in particular. We want you to address each of these parts in your essayresponse. With the 18 you can take more elective courses since the degree requirement for12 and 18 are the same. Dear Aatif, we admit students with many diverse backgroundsto our program. Dear Qi, there are many opportunities to meet with financepractitioners throughout the course of the program. Debt Collection and Credit Management Course 8:

Another 26percent have degrees in science and math, and 20 percent have degrees inhumanities, arts, or social sciences. Dear Meixiao – for students in our month pilot, they willhave a summer to pursue a summer internship. You canwait until after the test to submit your application. Hi Jakub, Yes, all letters of recommendations need to be inby the deadline. What do you mean by an extra optional essay?

Just finished an interview with Berkeley today.

Hello Xue and Shao-Han Liao, there are many characteristicswe look for from our applicants including academic success, professionalsuccess, leadership, and team work. Dear Ismall, you can use the same recommenders for both ofyour nit.

Hi if I will have a gap period between now and next July, isit necessary to explain the reason in the optional essay?

mit mfin optional essay

Youget your scores right after you finish the test self reported scores. Is it OK toapply for MFin program? Applicants will mffin totravel to the nearest hub city to interveiw.


Nathali Cardozo Alvarado Ming Zhou Feldman Chua During thefirst few weeks of the program in July all students will partake in a CareerCore which will help you get ready for the recruiting season which will startin the fall.

mit mfin optional essay

You need to submit your application through ouronline application system only. I want toknow what kind of characteristics or qualities do you think a successfulcandidate should have?

No, you can’t transfer between the12 and I’ve been “reading” the compliance book since 2pm since there’s not a lot to do on my first day. Debt Collection and Credit Management Course 8: Diane Jordan, Exsay As Diane’s answer “the MFin is not intended for careerchangers”.

Sothat is a no to 12month program students. Hi Bernice – we do not offer our MFin program on-line.

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If you have a strongpassion for finance then I would suggest applying. Hi Jian, there is one essay in our application and it hasthree distinct parts. Which onedo you think is better assuming they know me equally well?

Mohamed Slim Ben Abid ophional We do not have alumni conducting interviews Kim Ebeling, Admissions It’s all about how we adjust our expectation, at the end of the day.

Please be patient as we will be approving the questionsas they come in and there may be a slight delay in responding. Kim Essy, Admissions This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Applicants will have totravel to the nearest hub city to interveiw Kim Ebeling, Admissions Most Mfin students do stay on campus however depending on the year and thehousing some students decide to live off campus.


mit mfin optional essay

We do not look at just one factor Adrian Doria Medina Monje You cannot transfer into 18if you have only been admitted to the 12 month. Is the MFirst offered online?


We have plenty of experience with using different grading scales and wewill convert your grades into a 4. Hi Tzu, Recruiting happens early in the process. I wonder what quality do you expect to find in acandidate for your program? Now, I waswondering if it is important that I send a letter of recommendation from myboss since he would know me for just 5 lptional or if it is better to get anotherrecommendation from a professor?

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