Continental Drift quiz on Thursday. Students need to have one book completed by Friday, December 21st. It was handed out yesterday.. They should have everything entered into their documents by Friday, December 21st. ELA- 5 book thoughts and 1 review are due on Friday, March 29th. Students have until Monday, September 17th to finalize their choices. Extra help available Mon and Tues next week.

Think about the background knowledge we have been building over the past two days map and Newsela article. Remember to bring to class tomorrow to use as a guideline. ELA- 5 book thoughts and 1 review are due tomorrow, Friday, March 29th. Most of you completed this in class. Use the examples and your notes to help you! ELA- All students have a book that they are reading outside of school. Everyone received a study guide in class.

SS — Finish North America map practice sheet, if needed. ELA- Read independent reading books.

Marshall Simonds Middle School Help Desk

SS — If needed, finish Ireland notes from class — in textbook p. ELA- Work on your long term assignments: Extra help Mon and Tues next week. Most students finished this during class today. ELA-Read independent reading book.


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A picture of the blue atlas book map from class is posted in Google Classroom. Reminder that you may use previous practice quizzes on Google Classroom to review for the location portions of the quiz. This will be collected tomorrow. Test is on Wednesday, March 27th.

8B Homework Assignments

Chapter 4 Test Wed. SS — No homework. After school help today, Wednesday, and Thursday until 2: I will be checking the 50 names. Please check it out. ELA- Read your independent reading book.

MSMS 7C Math

Use GallonBot to help you. Use the vocabulary worksheets.

Tuesday, March 12, Homework: Try to get an independent reading book if you are not currently reading one. On a music teacher group on Facebook. Answer the 4 questions either in your science notebook or share with me. Make sure to use complete sentences.

msms homework blog

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Extra help available Mon and Tues next week.


This should be a well written paragraph in your science notebook. If your project is complete, you will hand it in tomorrow and I will have something else msns you to work on. MATH — 1 Worksheet 5.


msms homework blog

Tuesday, April 2, No nightly homework until after April vacation. Have a wonderful February break. Your info can be personal or general.

homewok They finished the multiple choice portion of the test and will take the short answer and open response portions on Friday. Math — Quiz tomorrow!

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