Pulp capping, Pulpotomy, Apexogenesis, Apexification. In case of absence or leave of any PG student, they have to inform in writing to the HOD or staff member in-charge and request any of Co-PGs to attend their work or patient in their absence. International Journal Of Endodontics Date Name Admission Year: Postings to the Dept. Are you looking for pg dissertation topics ntruhs?

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antipyretic-analgesics. Preparation of ground and decalcified sections, tissue processing, sectioning and staining. Deadline to submit your thesis or dissertation for the first format review. Principles of radiographic interpretation. Other routine work as follows. It is also desirable to have certain integrated lectures by multi disciplinary teams on selected topics.

Dissertation guidelines ntruhs pg Dissertation guidelines ntruhs pg citing research papers in apa format letters common app essay tips gmail personal essay.

Pre operative workup – Concept of fitness for surgery; basic medical work up; work up in special situation like diabetes, renal failure, cardiac and respiratory illness; risk stratification.

The dynamic interaction of biologic processes and mechanical forces acting on the stomatognathic system during orthodontic treatment. There are optional subjects in applied basic sciences a.

Dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Carcinogenesis, carcinogens and metastasis. The overall assessment sheet used along with the logbook should form the basis for certifying satisfactory completion of course of study, in addition to the attendance requirement. The library has sections for thesis, dissertations, monographs, journal. Provide leadership and get the best out of his team in a congenial working atmosphere.


ntruhs pg thesis guidelines

Paper IV will be an Essay. Participation in Orthodontic treatment planning and Clinical seminars on a weekly one hour basis. Cast metal restorations, indications, contraindications, tooth guideliness for class 2 inlay, onlay, full crown restorations. Clinical significance of vitamins, diet and nutrition — balanced diet. Planning of Oral health survey.

Surgical Aids for Eruption of Teeth: Special mention may be made of the presentations by the candidate as well as details of clinical or laboratory procedures, if any conducted by the candidate. Trainees shall prepare a dissertation based on the clinical or experimental work or any other study conducted by them under the supervision of the postgraduate guide.

Distribution of marks at the university examination: Essentials — Santrock Removable functional appliance cases like activator, bionator, functional regulator, twin block and new developments. Local anesthesia in Endodontics.

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Dental Public Health 1. Bimal patel pathology spectrum of non infectious spection, Pg dissertation topics ntruhs, Medical students for the year are registered. Medical emergencies in Dental Practice – malamed British Dental Journal 7. Infrastructure nttuhs faculty will be as per MCI guidelines.

Handling of equipments like vacuum forming appliances and hydro solder etc First Year: Oral microbiology and their relationship to various branches of dentistry. Apply high moral and ethical standards while carrying out human or animal research. Tooth and stages of development of tooth, hard tissues, soft tissues and supporting structures of tooth.


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Case selection and treatment planning. Grading and staging of cancer.

ntruhs pg thesis guidelines

Structure of nerve, neuron and properties of nerve fibers. The student as a specialist in community dentistry is expected to suggest practical solutions to the existing oral health situation of the given community. Exposure to ENT surgical procedures. General Information The institutions recognized by the DCI for running postgraduate courses prior to the commencement of the dentists amendment act and those dental colleges recognized for running Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS course or institutions established by the central government for the purpose of imparting postgraduate dental education shall be eligible for starting any postgraduate degree or diploma and higher specialty courses.

Goals and Objectives of the Curriculum Goals The goals of postgraduate training in various specialties is to train B. Who is not an active postgraduate guirelines in the subject cannot be appointed as examiner.

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