So if you had to increase business in a region like Israel, what would your recommendation to your VP be? There were 2 members in the interview panel — lets call them P1 and P2. They contain personal stories of people that are intended to evoke emotions in the readers. Shamit Bagchi July 24, Oh that must be a long commute, although its closer to here. I am acutally looking forward for this course.

What are two major achievements in your career? Here are the ones I had written: I once had the opportunity to be on a mail trail that was a discussion about a clause on our legal contract with the end client about how many hours of work the consultant needed to put in. Hi Venky, I have a small query. No Sir, the contracts I make are for internal entities and lay down the commercials and some conditions for the resourcing. Thanks for sharing this useful information with all of us. This I had done by presenting a paper on the usage of collaborative software such as wikis, project blogs within projects which was accepted by the management and then I went ahead with pilot trials leading in turn to full-scale usage, across the domain and was awarded the ‘Special Contribution Award’.

pgsem essay topics

I am also capable of resolving tough engineering issues synthesizing ideas, analyzing a problem from various angles, applying an appropriate mix of intuitive and logical thinking, essentially topicd getting down to the details. Second company got merged with someone topiccs was not doing well. I have been drawn towards the practical ideas and works of leading economists, entrepreneurs on poverty alleviation and the end of poverty through entrepreneurial measures and social entrepreneurship ventures, as a viable vision.


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Around the core themes of Productivity issues, Infrastructure, Politics, Reservations etc I wrote my 1 pager. My interview lasted only for 7 — 10 minutes whereas for others it went for more than 30 minutes. This incident reinforced the belief in me and the capability inherent in everyone to bounce back from failures. Just passing on requests to your teams and then sending CVs to customers.

I have just started my preparations. If you are serious about the program I would be glad to assist you. I choose the last option.

I think even if we all celebrate the same festivals, our expression of that celebration is different and in different languages.

Nevertheless, I came home with only one feeling: Once we find people who can play all the instruments we certainly want to firm a band again.

Sample without education – Current education on resume

I am a Demand Resource Analyst and explanation about handling business for a region, co-ordinating between internal and external stakeholders, forecasting trends periodically to help teams make decisions etc. Why do you think there are such pgsek differences in India?

pgsem essay topics

There were 9 guys and 1 girl. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Hi, thanks for stopping by Difficulty level was from easy to moderate and for a CAT-prepared guy like meit was a cakewalk. Since I write more on government and public utilities marketthey toics me more on Private sector.


pgsem essay topics

I replied for a businessman these things should come consciously and blah blah P2: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! How do you think about software engineering as a career option, if you have to tell me to my son essau 10th, what will you say?

I went to M I was smiling a lot and so were they not the alumnus though, who maintained a poker face throughout. I see that the eligibility for the program is about 2 years of experience. Huge fees of 10 Lakhs.

Probably it has been too tooics for them also taking interviews, so may be it was fun time for them: After around 11 years of experience in IT pgssm, last year during my preparation for my appraisal discussion with my Boss in November time frame, I decided to pursue a management program to strengthen my career.

I came out of the interview thinking it was almost a conversation. Email required Address never made public.

So now would be a good time. Before you appear for the interview, you were supposed to submit online a statement of purpose too. I was thinking abt a executive MBA too, and finding really hard time getting the notion to sit and study.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. I am in a similar situation too. I had voluntarily taken up a Knowledge Management KM initiative.

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