Click here to sign up. Registration Orientation for new students Student support departments Graduation. The University has a strong track record in both fundamental and applied research, working extensively in partnership with business and industry. Mr G Meyer Co-Supervisor: The education curriculum of this programme is made up completely of research project and thesis, a total of credit points. Thank you for offering us the privilege of making NMMU a part of your life.

From the analysis, he proposes a pooled funding model for development communication, arguing that such a Development Communication Fund would promote an independent development communication body to interact with all stakeholders. Blue simple shape hood lined silver grey satin with 50mm wide straight neckband in faculty colour. Graduation speeches Honorary Doctorate acceptance speech videos Contact us Useful links. Evidence of marginal compliance was identified in the differential levels of service quality maintained in urban and rural service offices due to the perceived inadequate provision of functional tools, which include tangible and human resources. School of Management Sciences.

Thirdly, the researcher provides her original contribution to the field of Baroque performance practice. NGO roles are not exclusive but anchored within the contextual framework and its definition of societal spheres within it.

phd thesis nmmu

You are also requested to send us news regarding your or fellow alumni achievements and interesting experiences for publication in our newsletters and on the website. Our campus library and information services network offers a state-of-the-art integrated online system.

The thesis proposes specific recommendations on how the state can better control corrupt actions and a normative model, formulated for the South African environment, has been presented by Majila.

He had focused his thesis on the tourism search-engine, TripAdvisor. Silver grey cord runs along the outer edge of the cowl, overlaid on faculty ribbon and on top edge of neckband.


phd thesis nmmu

It is our wish that you will leave here today as proud NMMU graduates who will continue phhd champion social justice and equality, and be a change agent in building a better society and a better world. However, various researchers and opinion leaders still view the quality of education in South Africa as disparaging and deficient as well as characterised by an increasing prevalence of dysfunctional schooling systems.

NMMU Doctoral Student’s Thesis is the “Focus” in The Herald Newspaper

Based on these premises the generic mentoring framework can be adapted to enable fit-for-purpose mentoring systems within schools to allow facilitation of a process of sustained transformation which gravitates towards whole school development and culture that envisions quality education for all. Skip to main content.

phd thesis nmmu

Join our existing alumni chapters nationally and internationally yhesis help establish new ones to maintain and build our networks. As a result, we are proud to be a valued partner in the socio- economic development of our region as we share our thfsis resources. An analysis of unique socio-economic and geopolitical complexities confirms that contextual issues are pivotal in influencing the evolution of NGOs and their engagement in the policy process. We encourage you to remain active NMMU ambassadors.

PhD in Psychology

The main focus areas are: Three-year bachelor’s degrees Gown: However, this depends on the nature and role of the state as a central driving agent in social policy. School of Management Sciences. Excellence – We promote, recognise pbd reward excellence in our teaching, learning, research and engagement – We promote, recognise and reward excellent service delivery to all our stakeholders – We provide a supportive and affirming environment that enables students and staff to reach their full potential – We adopt innovative approaches to promote excellence in our institutional policies, structures, processes and systems iii.


The study revealed that the level of success of South African anti-corruption agencies and legislation is limited.

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Libraries Faculties Courses Admissions Research. Sounds the call to come together, And united we shall stand. In the case of anti-corruption agencies, weaknesses such as fragmentation, insufficient coordination, poor delineation of responsibility and insufficient resources all have a negative impact.

Thess you can download. Dr R Bower Co-Supervisors: Remember to buy your memorabilia nm,u the University Shop during graduation. The gowns, caps and hoods of NMMU graduates were similarly inspired and are explained in detail below. Help Center Find new research papers in: This theoretical study is complemented by her recordings of the pieces.

The study analyses the factors that influence stallholder farmers to accept and adopt radio- mediated technologies and innovations, encouraging technologies and innovations for improved farming practices. In the first five years of its life, NMMU has concluded thesls high-level research and development partnerships with leading companies and universities.

The candidate highlights the conceptual contestations on the role of the state; civil society and the legitimacy of NGOs. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

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