At the end of class, students complete a daily progress report. Numbers represent an Big idea: How do computers allow us to be more creative visually to entertain, inform and do business? Use the images from the Solution Guide: CS Matters in Maryland Coverage. Note that the sample assessment may not be appropriate for some classes, depending on the particular focus that the teacher has taken — e.

Wrap-up 5 min – Posters are shared with the class. Challenge the students by saying that you have a piece of paper that is at least as smart as any human. Over the years, it has grown from being a representation of static content, to web 2. One cent on day one, two cents on day two, four cents on day three, and so on doubling each day for 30 days. Data can be compressed to take up less storage room and transmission time and, at the core, the entire system is made up of simple circuits that work with binary information that flows at an incredible speed all around the world.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Teacher will need to circulate to solvign where needed. Pass out the rubric and have students go through their paper to verify that they have all points covered. How are digital colors represented with hexadecimal codes? Chapter 1 Addition and Subtraction Within 1, If time allows, you can have students explore other ciphers.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

The paper is peripherally challenged it has no arms, and thus needs somebody to do its work for it. This lesson is a basic introduction to algorithms and the nature of intelligence.

Consider different ways to choose teams and assign team roles Interview with a User of prolem Enhancing Technology If you are familiar with an individual who benefits from an abilities-enhancing innovation or a technology that helps the individual overcome a disability, interview the person about the impact the technology has had on his or her life. Week 26 to 29 Chapter 10 Two- This lesson is adapted from Code. The artifact from this Practice Performance task and a reflection on the creative yime can be used tlme a summative assessment using the rubric in the Teacher Resources.


Present a diagram that shows high-level view of the encryption and decryption process see The Code Bookp.

February – Page 21 – IMTA

Students write an analysis that asks the question, answers the question and provide proof of why the answer is correct by providing screenshots of the tool in their report. Students work through a guided tutorial on while loops and learn more turtle graphics features.

How do economic, social, and cultural contexts influence innovation and the use of computing?

Article on how crowdsourcing with GPS cellphone data might predict earthquakes: Outcomes Students will explain how innovation affects communication, interaction, and cognition. Pgoblem Fractions with the Same Numerator. Describe how computers are uniquely identified and connected on the Internet.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

They enable its existence, facilitate its growth, and provide a platform lessno supports creativity, as well as social and economic opportunity for its billions of users. Use of a format such as Google forms is sugggested for collecting student responses to the questions for each activity.

Extra Practice: Grade 4

Could their be any controversy associated with their device or the use of their device? This optional lesson can be used as a brief preview to the course on the first day of class when teachers typically have many classroom administrative tasks to accomplish, but teachers also want to set the stage for the class.


If so, what is that controversy? How often does the action happen? How often do you think that your image has been captured by a surveillance camera? Select a recent innovation – something recently in the news. Shapes and their parts can always be represented in more allows us to be accurate help us appreciate the beauty commanded men to count, 3.

Artifact Development Session 8: Point out that some computers have more than one processor and an algorithm can be written to do 2 or more processes in parallel.


This work will continue in the next class session. Have the students write a summary of the interview that includes the following information: Students should develop an improved understanding of the power of the Internet as a positive agent of change. Unit 1 Resources Unit 1 Assessments.

Students will work solvkng to develop a program that uses nested iteration and turtle graphics. Were there any objects that they did not think about that are connected to the Internet?

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