The answering of questions is the area where candidates vary the most. Free copies available at: Some of your projects will be more suitable than others and you should start by compiling a short list of your most suitable projects. Notify me of new comments via email. At level 2, candidates need to demonstrate, with reference to specific examples, experience of undertaking inspections to gather information for various purposes. A key issue has to be something that occurred outside the daily routine tasks. What is a good key issue?

It is imperative for candidates to stay up to date on health and safety by regularly looking at the HSE website. You are commenting using your WordPress. A potential pitfall is not listening to the question and launching into a description of the due diligence carried out prior to inspection rather than the inspection itself. A candidate should consider the interview process as similar to advising a client in a one-to-one meeting not a job interview. Please enable Javascript for the best experience with this web site. The Case Study that you are required to submit as part of your APC submission is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your technical and professional skills through a project that you know very well.

Accessibility links Go to content Go to navigation. The keyholder is giving you a gold key. Choosing a case study is probably the most important decisions during the APC.

rics apc case study example

This gives you peace of mind that your case study document is safely stored and backed up off-site just in case of your computer hardware is damaged, stolen, lost or just left behind when you need to get to your APC information.

Equally, an over-complex issue may trip you off. At the interview the case study forms the initial presentation and the first section of questioning is based around the subject.


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January 7, at 1: This does not have to be the final client; it can be an internal client such as another department or another level in hierarchy. For example, Surveying Safely was written inbut has, to a certain extent, been overtaken by subsequent legislation, such as the Control of Asbestos Regulations A professional is not expected to guess when unsure of their knowledge of a particular topic.

APC competencies, Kate Taylor explores the three levels of inspection competency and discusses how candidates can demonstrate their ability to assessors at final assessment. Give yourself sufficient time to produce the Case Study.

Your selected project does not have to be a multi-million award winning scheme. You are commenting using your Google account. You may discuss a single key issue if it was particularly complex and enabled you to apply a range of level 3 competencies.

The final six months in particular require a lot of work and commitment over and above a busy day job. A common pitfall is out-of-date level 1 knowledge of documents or the law, making it important for candidates not to rely on older editions of textbooks or university notes. A top tip is to focus on the inspection for the case study, as this inspection is likely to be probed more fully.

Once you have your short-list of projects, you need to consider all stusy challenges that you have encountered during cawe involvement. Rivs it with your supervisor and counsellor each step of the way. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you select a project in which corners were constantly cut, it is very unlikely that you exam;le have dealt with your key issues in the manner expected for the purpose of your APC.


For areas outside of the candidate’s direct experience, the assessor is expecting them to have awareness and a broad understanding, particularly for the competencies requiring the highest level of knowledge.

rics apc case study example

Your myAPCDiary data is automatically stored and backed up every day in the cloud. Groups can also motivate each other and provide encouragement on those dark weekends spent inside reading up on condition surveys or feasibility studies. Small low-profile projects attract the same challenges that major projects and require the same set of skills.

A candidate should consider the interview process as similar to advising a client in a one-to-one meeting not a job interview. This requires interpreting the information gathered and showing insight.

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As an assessor you see a wide variety of case studies, supporting information, presentations and interviews. Integrated core services Building Surveying. Delegates can send in their submission documents beforehand and some will be picked at random for review during the masterclass. If there was only one viable option, you will not be able to demonstrate your analytic skills which is intrinsic to stud level 3: Tsudy of those, in which ones did the team generally follow industry best practice?

RICS APC – Delivering in Your Final Assessment

Know Your Experience A candidate is not expected to know esample in their chosen pathway. Also, your supervisor and counsellor can access it for review. Please e-mail us at Sonia APCsupport-ltd.

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