People dont really notice me unless there is something new in me. This implied the need to educate young students to practice correct spelling so they can cope with their English requirements [9]. The reasons for being a Jejemon were as follows: Since Twitter and ordinary cell phones limit the words to characters when one wants to share information, they invent and create words by inserting numbers or letters in order to minimize their sentences. Your information will be kept strictly confidential. By Jan Abigail Refuerzo. In her study, she stated the differences as to when, where, how, why and with whom gays are able to affirm belongingness in their subculture.

As a result, the individual assimilates the ideas and habits of the group. For the future researchers, we recommend that another study should be conducted concerning the social satisfaction of Jejemons in the fad. The table above implies that majority of the respondents belong to the minimum range in terms of their family monthly income. To describe the central tendencies in the characteristics of the Jejemons like the average age and average income, the mean will be used, particularly the assumed mean method of calculation. After computing for the mean representation, the average age of the Jejemons was 15 years old. Educational reasons for being a Jejemon ranked first.

Jejemon Thesis

Statement of the Problem This study aimed to identify the reasons that influence the youth to have arisen the modern pop culture of Jejemonism. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Educational reasons for being a Jejemon ranked first. When interviewed, respondents revealed that they often used it in twitter and facebook. It also sought to answer what are their advantages and disadvantages to the society, as for their consideration to be sapmle models to other youth who, of course, need a healthy social life, as Jejemons have accepted good and bad remarks from the public.


DepEd Department of Education discourage everyone utilizing such grammar because of the obvious effects.

sample thesis jejemon

Trinity College of Quezon City. It also includes the analysis and interpretation of the tabulated data with its corresponding percentage.

Effects of Jejemon Essay Paper

Many educators in the secondary level admitted that using such crude text caused students weak in speaking properly and mangled spelling in their words. According to Santosthere are two social processes involved adoption and adaptation.

Study Tagalog Pagkalabas na pagkalabas ni James ay siya namang agad pasok ng isa pang jejemon. Nasabi rin sa isang interview ng isang jeje buster o ang mga taong ayaw sa paggamit ng jejemon na si Fhesis Balatbat, 19 taong gulang na mag-aarl na habang isinasama mo ito sa iyong pamumuhay, nagiging parte na ito ng iyong buhay ng hindi mo namamalayan.

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It was, especially, limited to Jejemons that are aware that they are part of the fad and willingly embrace it.

It is used to express our thoughts and ideas to communicate business plan for production company others.

According to Panopiothere are determinants which influence the personality formation of an individual, some of them being the: As a result, the jejekon assimilates the ideas and habits of the group.

As agreed by him and Healy, Saample really strikes the nation rapidly affecting a huge population of Filipinos especially texters and social network butterflies [7]. Accessed May 23, Table 2 presents the data that reveal the youth for being a Samlle. Sinasadya kong itago ang mga mali ko sa ispeling at grammar sa pagka-Jejemon ko. Bottom of Form See consequences without voting Make Jejemons rag you? Although some jejemons aren’t really “conserving” characters instead they are lengthening it.


Almario budget business plan kanyang pag-aaral ukol sa wikang Filipino na nagbabago lang naman ang wika alinsunod sa nagbabago sa buhay ng gumagamit nito.

Effects of Jejemon Essay Research Paper Example :

The problem of the sqmple was broken down into manageable topics for explanatory analysis. The development of textese is often discussed with respect to its history and its parallel development with internet slang as part of internet linguistics.

She has been to Taiwan and Malaysia, and local avenues in the Philippines for research presentation. Narvaez for her thesis in MA Filipino.

If all the civil statuses, except married, would be combined, it would make up 35 percent or 7 respondents, which is a relatively large portion of the total number of respondents. The winning word was chosen based on its impact on the socio-cultural, political, social, economic and other aspects of Filipino life in the past 2 years. As part of the pre-school year clean-up of schools for the upcoming —11 school year, the Department of Education DepEd strongly discourages students from using Jejemon spelling and grammar, especially in text messaging.

sample thesis jejemon

A questionnaire was devised and validated. I love the Jeje-fashion so I adapted to Jejetext. According to Joel Baylon, head of the Catholic Bish- op’s Conference of the Philippines’ commission on youth, jejemon is a language that is merely an theiss of experience”. They became a popular subculture because they make their ain regulations of spelling. We wanted to find the factors involved as to why they became popular amongst the youth.

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