This is an example of retroactive interference. Avoid resits and achieve higher grades with the best study guides, textbook notes, and class notes written by your fellow students. Recall from a Changed Perspective Trying to mentally recreate the situation from different points of view e. A digit span task which required them to repeat a list of numbers, and a verbal reasoning task which required them to answer true or false to various questions e. Encoding is the way information is changed so that it can be stored in the memory. A lab experiment was used, and participants were split into two groups. Each store has its own characteristics in terms of encoding, capacity and duration.

Retrieval cues can be:. Examples of how you can score AO3 marks Whether or not theories are supported or refuted by valid research evidence. Suzanne Corkin, who performed the scan, noted Many structures are extremely clear: Words early on in the list were put into long term memory primacy effect because the person has time to rehearse the word, and words from the end went into short term memory recency effect. Make sure you answer the following questions: The experimental group also had to learn another list of words where the second paired word if different — e.

The witness is asked to describe the scene in a different chronological order e.

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One limitation is the cognitive interview is that it’s time consuming to conduct and && much longer than a standard police interview. This was the original H.

Overspecific notes are at your disposal. Features of the model: Sensory memory is the information you get from your sense, your eyes and ears. More information can be read and watched hereand here is a radio show on him. Revision tips and tricks. The witnesses who experienced the highest levels of stress where actually closer to the event the shooting and this may have helped with the accuracy of their memory recall.


In this situation, retrieval cues are absent and the likely result is cue-dependent forgetting. Another limitation is that some elements of the cognitive interview may be more valuable than others.

KF – Shallice and Warrington 1974

Context – external cues in the environment, e. Triangulating evidence The cases of Clive Wearing and H. Avoid resits and achieve higher grades with the best study guides, textbook notes, and warrinbton notes written by your fellow students. When they were asked to remember the words half of the beach learners remained on the beach, the rest had to recall underwater. Your fellow students know exactly where the pitfalls lie and what the key elements will be to your success in that module.

Although any Level 3 command term could be asked, we’ll concentrate on the one given in the learning objective, so the question is Examine one interaction between cognition and physiology in terms of behaviour 22 You will need to waarrington an essay which will be about sides of A4 long, including a detailed focus on the command term.

When attention is paid to something in the environment it is then converted to short-term memory. The number of facts accurately 1907 and the number of errors made were recorded.

shallice & warrington 1970 kf case study

Evidence indicates that retrieval is more likely when the context at encoding matches the context at retrieval. A more detailed summary of the numerous studies involving H. However, when they were drunk again, they often discovered the hiding place.

What do you want to do? Each store has its own characteristics in terms of encoding, capacity and duration.


The eyewitness accounts provided in both the police and research interviews were analysed and compared. You will still be able to use the same pieces of information, but how you use them may vary. Assignment 5 – Section A question Read back through the details of the studies above, and then answer the following question from memory: The other pages of the ‘ Project Kr.

shallice & warrington 1970 kf case study

As the number of digits increased wwrrington the digit span tasks, participants took longer to answer the reasoning questions, but not much longer – only fractions of a second.

This sstudy a laboratory experiment with five conditions, only one of which was experienced by each participant an independent measures experimental design. It is worth stressing some of the key assumptions of the model in order to help you to address the command term of ‘examine’.

Half of casd underwater group remained there and the others had to recall on the beach. Postman provides evidence to support the interference theory of forgetting. Retrieval failure is where information is available in long term memory but cannot be recalled because of the absence of appropriate cues.

This means researchers can do experiments wadrington improve on this model and make it more valid and they can prove what the stores actually do. He proposed a distinction between episodic, semantic and procedural memory.

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