During this period, you will be unable to access the site. Relationship between clinical symptoms, personality dis- Acknowledgements turbance, and social function: Other recruitment strategies included advertisements sent to local churches, newspapers, and other health care providers in the surrounding areas. Journal of Counseling Development. The power of leveraging to fulfill the promise of health behavior counseling. Results for each scale i.

What do I want? The item separation reliability was. Number of Related Assessments: The correlation between measures on the item and item versions was. Behaviour Research and Therapy. A raw score-to-logit conversion table for the item version is available upon request from the corresponding author.

Despite these limitations, the current findings suggest that a reduced amount of items from the SPSI-R may serve as an efficient measure for evaluating general social problem-solving abilities. The relationship between social problem-solving and personality in mentally disordered offenders.

SPSI-R® – Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised | Multi Health Systems (MHS Inc.)

Included in the packet was a letter from the clinic director describing the study. Overview Social problem-solving ability has implications for all areas scal life, including interpersonal and work-related relationships. ElliottDoreen Millerand Todd D. Doreen Miller, Southern University. American Psychological Association; National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

social problem solving inventory-revised scale (spsi-r)

Depression and physical health among family caregivers of geriatric patients with cancer-a longitudinal view. Based on these results, the items appear to efficiently assess global social problem-solving abilities. Problem-solving appraisal, health complaints, and health-related expectancies. Items are sorted by item location estimates obtained in the combined samples; item numbers are based on the ordering of the original SPSI-R short form.


Family caregiver social problem-solving abilities and adjustment to caring for a relative with vision loss. Data Analysis The goal ihventory-revised the study was to identify items from the SPSI-R that might provide an efficient assessment of social problem-solving abilities and (spi-r) correlated with measures of personal adjustment in a manner consistent with the theoretical model of social problem-solving abilities. A stamped envelope with a return address was provided along with instructions for returning materials.

Inventory-regised of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings. Cross-Validation The results from the previous analyses were cross-validated in the sample of persons with diabetes and in the sample of family caregivers.

Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised (SPSI-R) – The Cognitive Centre

Based on Rash analysis, the item and item SPSI-R versions were found to be generally equivalent for these samples. A measure of interpersonal cognitive problem-solving skills. What do I want? Results for each scale i. In contrast, the NPO assesses a cognitive—emotional set that prevents effective problem solving.

social problem solving inventory-revised scale (spsi-r)

An exploratory study with a sample of male prisoners. Table 1 displays estimates and fit statistics, and also descriptive statistics for the raw score total of the 10 items.


Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised (SPSI-R)

Consulting Psychologist Press; Participants indicate how they usually respond to everyday problems. Social functioning has been empirically will contribute to the body of research on social identified in several studies as an integral compo- problem-solving therapy, enabling refinement of nent of personality disorder Nur, Tyrer, Merson, both selection and intervention procedures. We are grateful to Helen Bourne, Seivewright, H. This indicates that social treatment. Social problem-solving abilities and distress among family members assuming a caregiving role.

Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science. Psycho-education with problem solving PEPS therapy for adults with personality disorder: The 10 items also demonstrate stable psychometric properties and may be substituted for its longer counterparts without loss of predictive power.

More specifically, the SPSI-R is a theory-based measure of social problem-solving processes and has two current versions: The fit of individual items to the measurement model was evaluated using information-weighted mean-square fit statistics, which have an expected value of 1.

Dreer, University of Alabama at Birmingham. Personality and Mental Health 2:

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