The majority of the remaining AIM studies are qualitative and Ontario-based, with many focusing exclusively on elementary student outcomes related to oral proficiency. Most immersion students sat the B2 level in Grade 12, while most core French students took B1 in the same grade. The teacher also noted that the minute period tended to be eroded so that instructional time was lost; in fact, she completed one fewer unit with the comparison class. The predictive effects of L1 and L2 early literacy Swain, M. Comparing monolingual and bilingual students at Grade 6. Implications of phytoplanktonic light limitation in stratified lakes with contrasting dissolved organic carbon content. International Journal of Educational Review, 70 3 ,

In this atmosphere, it may not be surprising that core French outcomes have generally proved disappointing to students, parents and other stakeholders, or that many FSL teachers become discouraged and abandon the teaching of core French. Based on their findings, the authors suggest that the presence or absence of AIM elements in the classroom does not appear to be a key factor in explaining the testing outcomes, and caution that these elements should not be considered as being entirely exclusive to AIM classrooms. Temperature selection and growth of three Hawaiian reef fishes and their distributions in an area of heated effluent. Ecosystem processes and biodiversity: Where there were significant differences, they favoured learners who began their study of English later. Initiatives to bring everyday French language into the classroom and the learners into everyday French communities are also helping FI students to become more versatile in their use of French.

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stephanie arnott phd thesis

Multidimensional project-based second language teaching: Teachers were spending less time on oral skill development than the Board and Ministry guidelines stipulated, and observed activities were predominantly grammar-oriented. Alazragi, Reem Saeed Self-assembling peptides as biofunctional component in medical fabrics.

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Distribution patterns and feeding characteristics of rainbow smelt in Wisconsin: On other components of the delayed posttest speaking and listeningthere were no significant differences. Unpublished doctoral thesis, Simon Fraser University. The effects of temperature on the oxygen consumption of the freshwater alewife alosa pseudoharengus.

Delivery models for core French. Comparing monolingual and bilingual students at Grade 6. Documenting the implementation of dramatic games and plays in her intermediate-level oral French class, Masson also claimed that activities involving dramatic productions present unique opportunities for structured practice of the target language. Ultimately, according to the authors, results nevertheless suggest that there is no inherent advantage to being in either instructional context when it comes to acquiring linguistic and grammatical accuracy in French.

Substrate and other environmental factors in reproduction of the yellow perch Perca flavescens. Woodward-Massey, Robert Observations of radicals in the atmosphere: Predation by pellet-reared tiger-muskies on cyprinid and centrarchid prey in experimental systems.

Jump, Graham An investigation of the gas phase thermolysis of hexaborane 10 by quantitative mass spectrometry. Although there is a dearth of recent research on Extended French, French Immersion is well researched e.

stephanie arnott phd thesis

Input, loss, and spatial arrangement of coarse woody habitat in lakes in northern Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison Batha, John Vincent M. The dynamics of phytoplankton pigments: Experimentally induced changes in lakes: While the teachers recognized the need to use adaptation strategies to meet the needs of students thessis disabilities, they did not have the means or the direction to do so.


Arnott also noted a great deal of risk-taking with the target language during her observations of an all-boys class of Grade 4 students in Ontario who were new to FSL instruction, and new to AIM. Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 14 253— Studies in aquatic biology. Journal of Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies, 1 135— Results from — administration. Canadian Modern Language Review, 56 1 Determination of methanotroph profiles for different environments using molecular biological techniques.

Stephanie Arnott

In her minutes of observation of the Grade 8 core French class of 29 students, five of whom were identified as special needs, Arnett noted several strategies that are not only beneficial to students with learning difficulties but also advantageous for the class as a whole. They who had dropped French in high school now regret the spoke of their own learning as intellectually challenging, decision, having recognized the employment advantages requiring greater concentration and effort than in in Canada in the global community.

stephanie arnott phd thesis

McIlwaine, Rachel Elizabeth Nonlinear dynamics of acid- and base-regulated chemical systems. Working toward social inclusion through etephanie development in second language teacher education. Lapkin, Harley and Taylor highlight teacher concerns over the integration of students with special needs. Teaching core French in Ontario:

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