Due to time constraint, the researcher has carried questionnaire survey with limited number of respondents. According to this model, service quality is evaluated by perceptions of the service delivered only. The company succeeded only because of their new innovative ideas. The researcher has explored following key themes from the critical review of literature in respect to critical analysis of the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty within an organization, a case study of Tesco plc, UK-. The rest of the respondents

Retail formats, such as in-store selling, non-store selling, market segmentation and target group selection etc. Customer satisfaction is the major factor of success of an organization. The key business strategies of Tesco, that mainly focus on the customer satisfaction that can lead to customer loyalty include-. Data collection methods play significant role to collect relevant and appropriate data from the primary sources in respect to the research aims, objectives and questions. This research project is based on the critical analysis of the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco PLC in the United Kingdom UK.

Level of satisfaction with price of product at Tesco plc, UK. In conclusion part, the researcher has provided valid conclusions based on the primary and secondary research findings. The researcher would like to represent questionnaire survey results as follows. As an example, Clubcaard has mentioned that quality of product with better service can create customer loyalty.

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For instance, According to Storbacka and Lehtinencustomer satisfaction is not necessarily a guarantee of loyalty. He has mentioned following factors that could affect customer satisfaction at Tesco, UK. The first determinant of overall customer satisfaction is perceived quality and the second determinant of overall customer satisfaction is perceived value Fornell et al.

Thus, the researcher has used descriptive technique, such as transcribing interview results to analyse qualitative data and statistical technique, such as percentages of survey results to analyse quantitative data.


Despite of having some limitations on critical review of literature, the researcher would like to opine that he has identified all of the relevant issues and concerns in relation to the critical analysis of the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer tesvo within an organization, a case study of Tesco PLC, UK. According to Tejadadata can be present through several ways, including presenting tables and figures, presenting numbers and presenting the results both qualitative and quantitative.

Under this chapter, the researcher has discussed and explained some of the following things- key summary of the primary findings, key summary of the secondary findings, recommendations and implications- both to academic and organizational perspective, self-reflection, future research ideas and alternative research designs, overall limitations of the study etc.

However, there is some criticism on that customer satisfaction may not always lead to customer loyalty. The research operation requires large amount of money to be spent that was tough to manage with self-financing option for the researchers.

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Babakus and Boller ; Brady et al ; and Carrillat et al The researcher has to consider some of the common things within the data collection methods, including, access to the case studied organization, primary data collection methods, secondary data collection methods, access to the sample and sampling strategy, data analysis tools and techniques, data presentation techniques, advantages and disadvantages of used research methods etc.

Tesco is suffering from low customer satisfaction level in UK retail industry.

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Tesco, UK and thus establish strategies and plans that increases and improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty within the organization.

On contrast, more than one-fourth of the respondents have mentioned that they are highly dissatisfied, such as 8. The interviews results showed etsco all of the interviewees i. Definition and explanation of customer loyalty at Tesco: Critical review of literature is one of the most common and vital part within the dissertation.


tesco clubcard dissertation

It may vary from person to person. Thus, small sample size may not be enough to get perception on the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco plc. When all the clientele speaks to the consumer and himself being in the spotlight, the company has made the yesco concrete.

The researcher has used some of the relevant books, articles, journals, publications and websites etc.

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Demand management, such as portfolio management, category management, space management etc. We will email your chosen dissertation in PDF format within 24 hours Please select: View all posts by Steve Jones. The researcher has ensured appropriate disseetation, such as letter of informed consent, to get access to the sample during the interviews and questionnaire survey at the selected store of the Tesco, UK.

The researcher has used questions in each interview. This exercise asked a large sample of Tesco shoppers about their demands and expectations and the ability of the organization to meet those demands and dissertwtion Tesco plc, Tesco has a good range of products, including own label products.

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The demographics of the interviewees can be represent as follows. So, the critical evaluation of CRM to increase customer satisfaction in an organization, like Tesco plc, UK can be regard as future research project.

Satisfied customers become loyal to the business, while there is debate as well, all satisfied customers may not purchase regularly from the same business.

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