Fruits of Himachal Pradesh, India. Aonla fruits are highly perishable in nature and hence its storage in atmospheric conditions after harvesting is very limited [2]. Effects of blanching and lye peeling on the quality of aonla candy. The TSS, acidity and sugar of beverages were increased, and ascorbic acid was reduced during storage of aonla beverages at ambient condition. Fruits can be stored for 6 days under such condition. The shreds of aonla were fed to pulverizer Make:

Various physico-chemical parameters ascorbic acid, acidity, pH, TSS, total sugars, reducing sugar , microbial parameters total plate count, coliform count, yeast and mould and sensory parameters of aonla juice were recorded for characterization of fresh aonla juice. Freeze drying characteristics of aonla. Conclusions The various physico-chemical properties of aonla fruit determined. Effect of pre-drying treatments and drying methods on physico-nutritional quality of dehydrated aonla shreds. Chemical analysis Chemical composition of fresh aonla juice is given in Table 2. Aonla fruit contains sugars like fructose, glucose and sucrose [14].

Studies on preparation of aonla candy. Vitamin C enrichment of fruit juice based ready-to-serve beverages through blending of Indian gooseberry Emblica officinalis Gaertn. Acidity and pH of aonla juice from Desi variety as 1.

Krishikosh: Studies on preparation of aonla candy

Aonla fruit contains number of polyphenolic substances such as tannic acid, gallic acids, phloroglucinol, pyrogallol, catechol, trigalloylglucose, terchebin, corilogin and ellagic acid [15]. Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: Physico-chemical properties of Chakiya variety of Amla Emblica officinalis and effect qonla different dehydration methods on quality of powder.


Standardization of grinding and cooking parameters for kajukatli production. Result of present investigation revealed that the aonla cultivars showed almost uniform growth pattern. Conclusions The various physico-chemical properties of aonla fruit determined. Freeze drying characteristics of aonla.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The titratable acidity of fresh aonla juice samples was determined as per the standard procedure [5]. Studies on post harvest technology of aonla Emblica Officinalis Gaertn.

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The hardness was found to be less in treatment S2T2M3 Beverage and Food World, 37 4: Ascorbic acid content of sample was determined by visual titration method [5] using 2,6 dichlorophenol indophenol. Chemical analysis Chemical composition of fresh aonla juice is given in Table 2.

Indian Food Packer, 57 6: Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur. The maximum gain period in fruits of aonla in all the cultivars were in between days of fruit growth.

Log In Sign Up. The juice was extracted by standardized method in which aonla fruits were steam blanched for 2 minutes, shredded, pulverized and passed through screw type juice extractor at 90 rpm [4].

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Blanched aonla fruits were passed through aonla shredder-cum-destoner, a power operated continuous flow type machine for production of aonla shreds developed at Anand Agricultural University. The aonla candy was evaluated for various physico-chemical constituents and organoleptic thdsis after preparation of candy and during storage of candy. Treatment T18 showed maximum values during storage period for all organolaptic qualities and reported highly acceptable at aonls time of preparation and during storage period, this is due to the high concentration of sugar solution, longer dipping time and use of cabinet dryer in comparison to other treatments.


thesis on aonla

A tablespoonful each of fresh aonla juice and honey mixed together forms a very valuable medicine for the treatment of several ailments like tuberculosis of lungs, asthma, bronchitis, scurvy, diabetes, anemia, weakness of memory, cancer, tension, influenza, cold, loss and grayness of hair, etc. Colour and appearance, texture, taste and overall acceptability of candy gradually decreased with the advancement of storage period.

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Sensory quality of fresh aonla juice on the basis hhesis, taste, aftertaste, flavor and overall acceptability are as shown in Table 4. The treatment S2T2M1 showed lowest value of cohesiveness 0.

Effects of blanching and lye peeling on the quality of aonla candy. However, reducing and total sugars in the fresh juice from Anand Aonla II variety were higher as During storage period there is significant decrease was observed in titrable acidity, ascorbic acid and tannins whereas TSS was increased in aonla candy. Physico-chemical Properties of Aonla Fruit and Juice. Juice extraction from pulverized aonla was carried out using screw type juice extractor Make: Average weight of whole fruit, pulp and seed were

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