This study focused on how mainstream, social work education in the Maritime provinces prepares social workers to work with Indigenous peoples. You retain copyright ownership and moral rights in this Work and you may deal with the copyright in this Work in any way consistent with the terms of this license. It will further acknowledge your copyright in the Work and will state that any third party recipient of this Work is not authorized to use it for any commercial purpose or to further distribute or to alter the Work in any way without your express permission. Radiation therapy, one of the most common forms of cancer treatment, is continually evolving with the introduction of new technology, more complex treatments and more advanced radiation dose calculations. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

A Practicum of Fairness: Only one third of children and youth meet current physical activity PA guidelines. Excising the common wealth? Raman spectroscopy RS is a promising technique Access to the full text of some theses may be restricted at the request of the author. Rovira Galvez, Mauricio Andres

The work presented in this thesis consists of three main topics: Includes McPherson and Law Libraries. Reductions in the cost and size of integrated circuits are allowing more and more complex functions to be included in previously simple tools such as lawn-mowers, ovens, and thermostats.

Fat(s), muscle(s), movement, and physiologies in early childhood education

First Nations experiences with adoption and reunification: Because of this, there is significant under-representation of Indigenous students who pursue post secondary education. As the number of Indigenous children and youth in the care of Manitoba child welfare steadily increases, so do the questions and public debates.


This research project explores the impact of particular aspects of FLA-related policy changes, Centre for Forest Biology. All items in UVicSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved. Human-material interaction in the Aurignacian of Europe, 35, BP: Debris disks are a fundamental component of exoplanetary systems. UVic faculty and researchers can email a list of their publications or their CV containing the list or any items they would like added to UVicSpace to dsphelp uvic.

There goes the neighbourhood: The Salt Spring dollar: The niche concept provides a tractable measure of the ecological roles and requirements of organisms, which can inform our understanding of the patterns of biodiversity, and subsequently, direct conservation policy.

Theses (Computer Science)

Exploring experiences of men accessing residential addictions services: Standing up for sputc: Gosek, Gwendolyn M Effective management of marine invertebrate populations is imperative to ensure fisheries remain sustainable. Human activity modifies the behaviour of large vertebrates and their acquisition of key resources.

Health care providers HCPs who work in adult palliative care occasionally encounter children who have dzpace parent who is dying. In particular, applications that involve massive data sets, such as geospatial applications and data science A major limitation for remote sensing analyses of oceanographic variables is loss of spatial data.


A percussion performance by a skilled musician will often extend beyond a written score in terms of expressiveness.

theeis The third contribution is an application that applies the visualizations to the Linux kernel repository. Solar carports — structures that shade parked vehicles, protect vehicles from the elements, and generate renewable electricity using solar photovoltaic PV panels — present a unique and interesting opportunity for existing Distribution may be in any form, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, through the Internet or any other telecommunications devices.

uvic dspace thesis

This thesis makes four contributions: Gwyn, Stephen Donald Jermy We vspace the well-posdness uvuc the system in both space dimensions two and three. This research addresses how transnational Filipino youth living in southwestern British Columbia negotiate their sexual lives and sexual health decisions, and how they do so within the context of individual, familial, and To do this, maintainers must be able to understand how the patch that fixed the vulnerability was integrated into the kernel so that they may apply it to the old version as well.

uvic dspace thesis

The measurements are based on analyses of [special characters omitted] Learning at an Edge: In particular, it considers two problem

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