The Braden Scale assessment score scale: The first phase looked at nine categories which included pain and in the second phase they decided that pain was not relevant in determining pressure sores and left it out. Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures. Consequently, the Waterlow risk-assessment scale was developed in Waterlow, as a comprehensive tool to be used in conjunction with the nursing process. In negative specificity it proved that it can identify those that will not end up with pressure sores in medical, surgical and intensive care. These guidelines seek to clearly describe the behavior and experience of the patient.

The weakness identified is the assessor subjectivity Dougherty et al To explore correlations between peak pressure and pressure gradient at 1. How about receiving a customized one? Journal of Advanced Nursing. Pressure Ulcer Assessment and Policies, Strategies and Practice. Risk is defined as the possibility of incurring misfortune or loss and may be associated with patients, visitors and staff.

There are besides two beginnings from which information can be gathered that is the primary beginning.

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Relatively few of the current claims relate to pressure damage and in the UK the mean value of settlements in these cases is relatively low compared to other countries like the United States of America typically less than ten thousand pounds.

Sorry, but copying text fool not allowed on this site. Pressure ulcers can develop in any area of the body. Nursing Assesment and Theory to Care for a The rationale for trying to identify those that are at risk of pressure ulcers is that it is cost effective to prevent pressure ulcers than to cure them.


All this shows massive inconsistence when it comes to sensitivity and specificity. Introduce Patient and why they are at risk from pressure ulcers.

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It has been criticized for being difficult to use in a working environment and that it is still to prove itself in different settings in UK especially essat community. Investigating the effects of living with a pressure ulcer. Training Session on Waterlow Risk Assessments and Care Plan The waterlow risk assessment involves filling in the table by ringing the scores and adding.

waterlow assessment tool essay

The emotional costs of living with a pressure ulcer are difficult to quantify. Damage is believed to be caused by adsessment combination of factors including pressure, shear forces, friction and moisture.

Patients in the UK are increasingly aware of their political clout and litigation against the NHS when it delivers below expectation is becoming a common occurrence Walshe and Deneen The depth of the pressure sore depends on the location of the ulcer. The NHS receives around ten thousand new claims for clinical negligence annually, and this number is rising National Audit Office We will write a custom sample essay on The Waterlow Assessment specifically for you.

A comparison of pressure ulcer risk assessment In adults damage usually occurs over bony prominences, such as the sacrum. Part of risk management requires that patients be screened on initial contact and if identified to be at risk of developing pressure ulcers should receive a full assessment of that risk. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.


waterlow assessment tool essay

These guidelines seek to clearly describe the behavior and experience of the patient. The intended objective or aim being to eliminate, reduce or transfer risk.

The physique and weight appraisal is necessary in the hazard appraisal of developing a force per unit area sore Torrance Multiple strategies A number of studies have attained favourable outcomes using multiple interventions.

From the critical analysis of the above mentioned tools the only conclusion is that no single tool is considered reliable for universal use. Validity of Waterlow Scale. A number of risk assessment scales have been developed with the Waterlow Risk Assessment Scale used most frequently in the UK Define risk and risk management, and nursing tools involvement.

Dougherty et al Alaszewski et al a social scientist defines risk as the possibility that a given course of action will not achieve its desired wtaerlow intended outcome and that some undesired and undesirable situation will develop instead.

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Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Model Write an essay based on learning contract Waterlow score is the most common pressure ulcer risk assessment tool in uk. Health Publications Unit, Heywood, Lancs.

The weakness identified is the assessor subjectivity Dougherty et al The study was in two phases.

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