December 3, at 1: After making all necessary preparations, we took a train from Karachi to reach Rawalpindi. We rode the chairs hanging by wires and went across several hills. Vacation in Murree murree property for sale. The clouds were playing hide and seek with the mountain peaks. We were shivering allover.

Mushkpuri Hill, the second highest hill in Galiyat, above 9, feet sea l evel. This is the seasons of clear sky in the region when one can enjoy full view of mountains around without cloud hindrance. We stayed in Murree for three days. We ran, jumped and climbed up the hills like carefree and innocent monkeys who were jumping from one branch to another, they above and we below them. Their silvery water was clear and cool. The weather was gusty and dusty. Escorts in pakistan June 28, at

It is 30 km from Murree. A little up from Nathia Gali bazar, at the top of the hill is situated “Green Spot”. Other facilities like Banks, internet cafe, hospital, fuel station and workshops are available. Chairlift rides go down 1. The view beneath simply seemed to be a fairyland.

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Life here is costly. We hired a bus and left for Murree at nightfall. Where scenary is panoramic.


He settles for nothing but the best. There is a rest house located in the most picturesque surroundings.

A Visit To A Hill Station

Murree lies between Kashmir Point and Pindi Point. I really admire you writing style and the articale which you had written is very intresting keep posting.

O where are the joys of yore past time As dejected sit l in the shadows Of tall structures raised by man Never forgetful of the charms and glories of what was Nature. My adventuresome one nature promoted me and a cousin of mine suggested to visit Murree Hills. The bus was new. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! We decided to visit Murree Hills.


First of all, we had a hot bath, enjoyed lunch and took a rest for sometime. For it is divinely important to turn your ears statio the sound of nature around as your eyes feast on a verdant valley on one side, and your nose picks up the heady mix of aromas of rain-soaked earth, dew-dampened undergrowth, pine cones and a green forest washed by heavy thunder-showers overnight.

Their silvery water was clear and cool. We had our meal and then slept.

essay a visit to a hill station murree

Then we returned to our city. Recreation trips are a part of life.

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Some were desirous of going to Murree. The birds and trees seemed to be celebrating hil. You can watch Kashmir mountains from middle Hill where Chair Lift takes you.


Bushes of different kinds, with or without flowers, were a lovely sight. There are many famous villages for which Rawat is the commercial centre.

They are also very closely located to areas with high population. At last, we reached Patriata Hills. So you do not need to worry for medical treatement in case of any emergency while visiting Murree and surroundings. I wished that I had a hut there.

essay a visit to a hill station murree

Hikers on their way to Mushkpuri top are presented with colourful fairy fragmented carpet of flowers in the green Meadwos of Mushkpuri especially at the end of the rainy season. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. The clouds were playing hide and seek with the stqtion peaks. The ascent was full of turns and windings, and altogether, the journey was quite different from that in the plains.

We had a lot of golden memories of this memorable trip.

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