Switzerland Beyond Honeymoon Destination! How the festivities unfold: And, of course, can any festival be complete without feasts? Retrieved April 5, Losar is marked with activities that symbolise purification, and welcoming in the new. The variation of the festival in Nepal is called Lhochhar and is observed about eight weeks earlier than the Tibetan Losar. Watching and taking part in this colourful, unique festivities is a life-time experience.

The Tamangs clean and decorate their house welcoming the new year and visit the monasteries and stupas in their traditional costumes. The monasteries, of course, are a focal point. From the third day the monks and the local people begin celebration and join in the festivities with gay abandon. Religion and Ethics home Interfaith calendar Ethics guides. Losar is celebrated on the first through third days of the first lunar month. February 15, James Mayer Comments.

Losar Last updated You can enjoy a good stage fight between the good and the evil, chanting with blazing fire torches and making way into the crowd, ibex deer dancing, battles between kings and ministers and much more in Ladakh Tour. Buddhist monasteries perform masked dances and rituals to drive away the negative forces and bring positive for the family and the nation. All the above-mentioned ethnicities celebrate Losar, but they do so on different days. The Gurungs will celebrate the “Year of the Deer” in December So, the date varies in every Sonam Loshar.

Support the Folklife Festival, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, sustainability projects, educational outreach, and more. People from Tamang, Bhutia and Yolmo too celebrate this festive.


Since Losar is a celebration of people of the Buddhist faith, people flock to monasteries nearby to offer their prayers, and some monasteries organize special dances by masked-dancers to get rid of all negative forces. Indiana University, p.

Losar – festival of highlander in Nepal

On the day of the festival from the very early morning monks belonging to the Namgyal monastery make religious offerings to Goddess Palden Lhamo, who is considered to be the supreme authority of the protectors of Dharma. Gurungs are the indigenous people from Nepal and called Tamu, another name of Gurungs. On the first day celebrations are usually restricted to the family, with the second and third days being the time to visit and exchange gifts with friends and more distant relatives.

Debts are settled, quarrels are resolved, new clothes are acquired, and special foods such as kapse fried twists are made. The songs and dances are accompanied by horns and cymbals.

Find this year’s date in the multifaith calendar. This festival eventually became the annual Buddhist festival we know today. Tibetan cultureTibetan Buddhistnew year. Tibet portal Holidays portal.

essay on losar festival

Switzerland Beyond Honeymoon Cestival History of Losar festival: This bucket is filled with zanba also known as tsambaroasted qingke barley flour and barley seeds, then decorated with barley ears and colored butter. In the times when Tibetans practiced the Bon religion, every winter a festival was held where people offered large quantities of incense to please local spirits and deities.

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Because the Uyghurs adopted the Chinese calendarand the Mongols and Tibetans adopted the Uyghur calendar, [12] Losar occurs near or on the same day as the Chinese New Year and the Mongolian New Yearbut the traditions of Losar are unique to Tibet, and predate both Indian and Chinese influences.


If you are interested in meeting them in their heartland and experiencing their lifestyle, then a trek on the Tamang Heritage Trail is what you should be doing. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Losar.

essay on losar festival

Identity was reinforced through the traditional roles each member of the community was fetsival to fulfill. Hence, Lhosar indicates the beginning of new year and farewell to the old. Bangalore Delhi Mumbai Pune Goa.

His Holiness and the government welcome the dignitaries and exchange greetings with them. Lhosar Image via Wikipedia.

Sonam Losar

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This is done for enjoyment. Barga Lo is the special name given oosar each year and represented by different animals with its reputed attributes like mouse, cow, tiger, cat, garuda, serpent, horse, sheep, monkey, bird, dog and deer.

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