The corporation name will be used to determine the place in the bibliography. Toasted Cornflake Company, Bibliography In the MHRA Footnotes style, references are listed at the end of your work, and are organised alphabetically by the surname of the author. Your teacher or supervisor will advise you here. For Sculpture see Art in a gallery, museum, or online. In the bibliography Author surname, forename, Title of work , trans. McCarthy, Patrick, Albert Camus:

Prose quotations from plays should follow the name of the speaker, which should be in small capitals. Place of publication for reprint: In the bibliography Author surname, forename, Title of book ed. Reprinted with minor corrections See the examples below to see how they are used correctly. It provides a stable, persistent link to the article you are referring to.

The title should be given as it appears on the title page of the item.

MHRA Footnotes referencing

In the bibliography Author surname, forename Title of worktrans. When quoting from literature such as a play or poem, the original spelling and punctuation should be preserved wherever possible. In the bibliography Author surname, forename, Title of book ed. Quotations and lines of verse, should in a short quote, be separated by a spaced upright stroke, e.

how to quote poetry in an essay mhra

For Twitter see Social Media. In his poem MaudTennyson wrote the following passage: Publisher, Year of publication Euripides, Hippolytustrans. She raises her head, gazes front. Issue Yearpage range Emmerich, Steven J.

This essay when you reference one author who is referring to the work of another, and the primary source is not available Secondary referencing should be avoided if possible. References are given a superscript an Arabic numeral typed slightly above the line within the text which point essayy references given in full shown as numbered footnotes at the bottom of each page.


Routledge,p. Try not to over-rely on quotations, as this may show a lack of understanding of the information yourself. McCarthy, Patrick, Albert Camus: If the item is a translated item, you would place the name of the translator after the title and use the abbreviation trans.

Modern Humanities Research Association :: Style

General rules for the footnote reference The author of an item may be a corporate author. After the first citation, a shortened version of the reference can be used for subsequent references to the same work.

how to quote poetry in an essay mhra

References to primary and secondary literature should follow the pattern of the examples below, which adapt the standard style of the MHRA Style Guide. For Film see the Video sections. URL refers to U niversal R esource L ocator, this is the address that you myra see in your web browser.

The month should always be cited in English even if you are referencing a foreign language newspaper. These are called endnotes. If the date is an approximate date, circa should be used. There is no need to include quotation marks for long quotations.

how to quote poetry in an essay mhra

It should be abbreviated to c. If there is an official English translation, then you may use it especially in cases where it provides greater understanding of the subject or publication.


Quotations and referencing

Each time you introduce an idea, thought or theory in your work that belongs to another person, a footnote number must be added. Long Quotations Long quotations are classed as a quote that is over 40 words, or two lines of verse. Oxford Reference Premium Collection ebook. If there is more than one collaborator, the name suote the first author is given in reverse in the bibliography, but do not reverse the order for collaborating authors e.

If you are using the streaming service to watch a box set and it has no date of broadcast such as Television programmes available on 4OD marketed as Box Sets where all episodes are available without a date of broadcast follow the examples below. Footnote Number Author forename surname, Title of booked.

Madam, sit you, and fear not. A report which has more than one place of publication, with a different publisher in each place, should have both places and publishers referred to in the reference Basel:

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