The festival is a month-long event, with this year’s Festival opening with a program on February 1 and closing with a Grand Fireworks Display on March 6. So where should spectators be stationed to not miss any of the float and floral parades? The crowd was impressed by the creative use of flowers as decoration for the floats. Little Trumpet Boy The little trumpet boy, despite his small size, overshadowed his companions. Colorful Panagbenga Performers Costumed performers injected a flurry of color onto the grey stretch of road.

Baguio City is called the Philippines’ summer capital because of its cool climate. Kakatuwa, it gave Panagbenga a fun and pop twist. We left Baguio City with an experience for the books. Most of the crowd followed the dancers to the Athletic Bowl, which marks the end of the route. Tourists flock to the mountain city in the summer to escape the city’s heat and during the Christmas season as an excuse to use winter clothing. If you prefer to fly to the City of Pines, some airlines maintain a daily schedule of flights from Manila to Baguio and back, like Asian Spirit.

Baguio View Breathtaking views made the 8-hour road trip to Baguio worthwhile. The dance must continue until the viewers decide to honor the dancers twice with a shout of “Ooo wag, hoy!


I was able to witness the Grand Float Parade partly because we currently reside in Baguio, and partly because fellow blogger Joel sort of forced me too. Below are more details of the festival activities for your reference:. Company Floats Several businesses didn’t miss this unique marketing opportunity, displaying their brand to the huge Panagbenga crowd.


panagbenga festival essay

Here, Enchong Dee waves to his fans. The term is of Kankanaey origin, meaning “season of blooming”. Children of all ages show the crowd that they have an appreciation for Baguio’s heritage esday performing traditional dances.

A delicious dinner and a good night’s sleep was all we needed to prepare for the next day Flower Festival is a month-long annual flower festival occurring in Baguio. What started as a filler to promote local tourism during the lean months soon blossomed into one of the most anticipated events in the city.

This page was viewed times. And if you got enough flowers to cover 21? That way, everyone watching the parade was able to witness a Panagbenga performance. Panagbenga Audience Spectators made themselves comfortable, sitting on walls and on the street just to get a good view of the parade.

When we reached the city limits, we could see festive banners lining the streets, and every open field or school we’d pass had a group practicing for the parade the next day. The driver dropped us off Burnham Park upon our request. The Panagbenga Festival showcases the many floral floats and native dances. This year’s theme – “The Environment and Community in Harmony” – was applied to the design of many floats, most of which displayed slogans preaching care for the environment.

Fairy A blonde “diwata” sits amongst the flowers. Views Read Edit View history. The crowd was constantly on the lookout for celebrities. Lots of boys wore the bahag, gamely braving the chilly air. We were able to get a cab after 5 minutes of walking along Tam-Awan Route from the house.


Barefoot Dancers Some dancers had to perform barefoot on hot asphalt and at an inclined angle. Panagbenga festival will have spectators enjoying a multiple floral and float parades over two days. Joel and I met up with another blogger after the event.

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The Festival was received Baguio City is called the Philippines’ summer capital because of its cool climate. City-wide Elementary and High School. At this time of year, the City of Pines panagebnga almost surely in flower fury over Panagbenga festival, the city’s biggest festival.

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There are different activities each day, with the Grand Street Parade and the Grand Float Parade drawing the most crowds. They began by creating an identity for the Festival, one that would reflect the history, traditions and values of Baguio and the Cordilleras.

Another main attraction of the festival are the musical sesay, which will require you to follow the parades closely in order to catch the actual musical entertainers performing on the streets or other popular spots of the city.

panagbenga festival essay

The crowd dispersed instantly.

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