There they are immersed. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Festivals in the Hindu calendar. NDTV Beeps – your daily newsletter. According to India’s ancient Hindu scriptures, the Lord Vishnu – the preserver , through time, descends from his heavenly abode in his various incarnations or avatars, to show all the beings of the world the path of truth and righteousness; and to ensure that good triumphs over evil. Lord Rama is the son of Dhasaratha, King of Ayodhya.

The festival is an occasion for moral reflection for many Hindus. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Sunday, March 25, at 1: It is celebrated on the ninth day of Shukla Paksha or bright phase of the lunar fortnight in the month of Chaitra mid-march of the Hindu or Lunar calendar. Ram Navami is the festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Ram.

Temples are decorated very beautifully and chants of Lord Rama can be sensed all around the temples. Different people have their own distinct cultures.

In Karnataka, Sri Ramanavami is celebrated by the local Mandalis organizations at some places even on footpaths, dispersing free panaka jaggery and crushed muskmelon juice and some food. The town is sacred as the birthplace of the goddess Sita also called Janakithe wife of Rama. Ram navami short essay – Literary analysis paper on lord of the flies. The Rosen Publishing Group. When Is It Celebrated?


Among all essays of India, Diwali is considered the happiest festival of the nation. This festival signifies the victory of good over the evil, right over wrong, and virtues over vices. Ram Navami falls on a different day and date every year because it is based on the Hindu or Lunar calendar, in which every month is 28 days based on the lunar cycle. On the day of Vijaya Dashami, there is a program of immersion of the statues of Mother Durga.

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short essay on ram navmi

The Ram Navami fair held at Ayodhya essays ram huge crowd of dedicated devotees. Ravana was an asura, a demon of evil.

Short Paragraph on Rama Navami

He is particularly important to the Vaishnavism tradition of Hinduism, as the seventh avatar of Vishnu. Diwali Internet and Its Uses. As ram legend goes, Lord Rama, eldest son of King Ram, was banished to the forest for 14 long years.

short essay on ram navmi

It is marked by the faithfuls with puja devotional worship such as bhajan and kirtan, by fasting and rram passages about Rama’s life. Brief Essay Our country stands as a land of Festivals. Thousands of people participate in this. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The uniqueness of this 80 ewsay old musical extravaganza is that celebrated Indian classical musicians, irrespective of their religion, from both genres — Carnatic and Hindustani — descend down to offer their musical rendition to Lord Sri Rama and the assembled audience.


Ram Navami – Your Home Teacher

The festival is celebrated is celebrated by Indians all around ram world. Ayurveda Dhanurveda Natya Shastra Sthapatyaveda. Part of a series on. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Ram Navami is a popular festival in the northern states no our country whereas in Southern India it is celebrated in a different way.

short essay on ram navmi

This typically occurs in the Gregorian months the most commonly used calendar worldwide of March or April every year. He is the short Shiva wife Parvati. Views Read Edit View history. While the festival is named after Rama, the festival typically includes reverence for Sita, Lakshmana and Hanumana nacmi their importance in Rama’s story. Dussehra is a festival of devotion and dedication.

Navi is a belief that by reciting the name of Lord Rama and dedicating oneself to Lord Rama will help to lead a righteous life.

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